Pax Transhumanity board game
Pax Transhumanity board game

Pax Transhumanity

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What if Hollywood and the doomsters are wrong and the future is non-dystopian? No pandemic, zombies, or post-apocalyptic rubble? A more likely future is one in which free-market fortuneers explore the fringes of the achievable, in which scientists and technocrats rewrite the human condition by expanding into new spheres — the developing world, the cloud, and space — in doing so, demolishing the barriers of age, disease, suffering, and physical confinement to this planet. As control over our surroundings expands, technology will become more of a intimate part of who we are — or acquire a mind of its own, incorporated into our transhuman state.

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FINALLY on the fifth attempt managed to play a two-handed learning game of #Pax Transhumanity. An absolute brain-burner for sure but I'm glad that after only one practice playthrough I'm already starting to internalise the broad rules. I can tell it will take a lot of games before the vastly interlocking systems start to make intuitive sense.

I had my fourth aborted attempt to learn #Pax Transhumanity yesterday!

Every time I set the game up and try to play a two-handed walkthrough game, something comes up. Yesterday it was a family emergency.

One of these days I will learn you, goddamnit...

I had my third aborted attempt to learn #Pax Transhumanity... I keep noping out of the brainload after trying to do a tutorial play after a day's work. Going to have another go over the weekend when I still have brain cells available.

One hallmark of many of the Pax games is that the players play an individual. Not one of the "powers that be" but someone who is sort of a middle man.

#Pax Pamir (Second Edition) you play as an Afghan warlord.

#Pax Renaissance you play as a banker.

#Pax Porfiriana sets you in Mexico as a hacendado.

#Pax Transhumanity sets you as a specific type of character. These include: bloggers, colonels, doctors, and, I think citizens.

In #Pax Viking you play as a viking explorer or adventurer pushing to the east. And thus changing the history of Europe.

I think the only exception is #Pax Emancipation. In that game you play as a group of people, either you play the: Evangelicals, Parliment, Philanthropists.

And, with each of these games, again excepting #Pax Emancipation, I think there is something that is shown. The Hacendado in #Pax Porfiriana is not necessarily trying to overthrow Porfirian regime, he is trying to grow his personal holdings and profitablity even if it means overhrowing the government. In #Pax Pamir (Second Edition) The point is not which power wins the game. The point is I want me and my tribe to be in the good with whoever wins. And so it goes in game after game. I think that the one of the messages that the Pax games try to teach is the role of "middle class" especially the weatlhy middle class, in shaping history. History is not all great nations and politicions navigating this world through dangers. History is small knife fights for selfish ends.

Splaying is where you have a stack of cards with symbols around the sides of the cards. You can slide the stack of cards over one way or the other so that one side or other of each card in the stack is exposed. The exposed symbols then affect gameplay. The only games that I know do this are #Innovation and #Pax Emancipation, I think that #Pax Transhumanity does it as well but I am not sure at the moment.


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