Rallyman: GT board game
Rallyman: GT board game

Rallyman: GT

Start your Engines!

Rallyman is a Roll and Move game with a simple yet exciting dice mechanic that invites players to push their luck and navigate the terrain as best they can.

Will you take a risk and squeeze every last second out of the track, or will you play it cool and avoid spinning out on hard corners, bumps and other treacherous terrain?

Holy Grail Games has reimagined this classic 2009 racing board game. The first edition and its expansion Rallyman: Dirt not only sold out completely but in doing so federated a community that has continued to play to this day. Hosting monthly challenges, championships and even a World Cup, Rallyman has continued to survive in the heart of its devoted community despite being officially out of print for over 6 years. Now, Holy Grail Games will be bringing back this cult game for both new and veteran players in the form of Rallyman: GT!

The main changes from the old edition are:

  • Hexagon based track tiles that give you complete freedom to build your own tracks!
  • a head to head racing system where you'll have to outdrive your opponents on the way to the finish line.
  • Larger scale tracks and cars for a better playing experience.
  • All new artwork from award winning illustrator Loic Muzy.

The game's exciting core mechanics remained unchanged however and time attack mode will be back as a solo variant!

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  • Kickstarter
  • Fun racing game that rewards pushing your luck for dice roll mitigation
  • Fast, light, dice based racing game with a lot of push-your-luck, and a surprising level of strategy. Combines the theme, and the dice rolls of Formula D with the strategy of Flamme Rouge.
  • https://cardboardguru.com/2020/06/05/review-rallyman-gt/
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Rallyman: GT - Team Challenge board game


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