The Resistance board game
The Resistance board game

The Resistance

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The Resistance is a very intense game of secret identities deductiona and deception for 5-10 players.

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  • Just add beer
  • Best social deduction game. The game involves deduction and social awareness with clever and interesting mechanics. I will always play it. Good with 5-6 players, best with 7-8.
  • (2019 - 7) If we're looking to play this old school social deduction game, we'll play Avalon every single time.(2015 - 9)A good game but improved upon by it's successor, Avalon. If you prefer the cyperpunk theme, you could designate a ,"Merlin" card and still play by Avalon's rules.
  • This is the game I was looking for when people tried to sell me on Werewolf. The concept is roughly the same, because the Resistance players have no genuine clues about the identity of the Spies, but here players aren't getting eliminated. I also like that you can use the voting to help deduce who might be working against the team. Then they add in those action cards which can give even more information, and I'm sold. It doesn't have quite the thematic thrill that I get from Shadow Hunters, but it's still fun. I like being on both sides of the game, and playing multiple games in one night is often more fun. Thankfully the game is also ridiculously short so you can play it as many times as you want in one session. Very fun game.
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1) I think the perfect collections start with a variety of games that can appeal to a variety of audiences. However, it's important that they be games you enjoy, otherwise you won't want to play them. That said, I'd start with:

2) Two I've wanted for a while are #Ora et Labora and #Euphoria: Build a Better Dystopia. I've seen copies of those pop up at my FLGS, but they are always when i've spent my budget already and they are snatched up before I can get them.

I think for me it's the engine building moment you mentioned. The satisfaction I get from watching a plan come together particularly with a nice set up in a game like #Wingspan or #Gizmos, or drawing that perfect combination of cards in #Dominion: Second Edition is really what I look for.

Other moments I particularly enjoy are during hidden role/social deduction games. Like moments where you can successfully convince people you aren't a fascist in #Secret Hitler. We had one super memorable game of #The Resistance where two spies just happened to vote yes on the first mission, leading everyone to believe they were Operatives. The next mission, they managed to only have one no vote between them, leading everyone to suspect the new person brought into the mission. It wasn't until the end of the game that everyone realized we'd been duped.

I like the re-theming of #The Resistance to #The Resistance: Avalon , as the original was fairly bland, plus the extra player powers were a fun twist

Probably the wrong thread, but I am really looking forward to trying out a few new games this weekend. Its going to be a long cabin weekend with some questionable weather, and so I will be playing a few new lighter/party-style games for the first time. The list includes #Wavelength, #The Resistance, as well as some old favorites in #Monikers, #Sushi Go Party!, and #The Mind

I really didn't think I would have so many, as a lot of my games collection is curated to appeal to the four people I can actually play with regularly, which includes a 5-year-old and a 7-year-old. But here's my list:

  1. #Wingspan
  2. #Pandemic
  3. #Carcassonne
  4. #7 Wonders Duel
  5. #Santorini
  6. #Catan
  7. #Kingdomino
  8. #King of Tokyo
  9. #Forbidden Island
  10. #Clank!
  11. #Coup
  12. #Sushi Go!
  13. #Ticket to Ride: Europe
  14. #Dixit
  15. #The Resistance
  16. #Takenoko
  17. #Mysterium
  18. #Stone Age
  19. #Hive
  20. #Magic: The Gathering


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