Deck Quest board game
Deck Quest board game


Deck Quest is an open-ended tabletop RPG condensed into four decks!

Much of DQ's gameplay relies on the exciting, funny, and creative power of the human mind to come up with solutions and plans for various situations.

Deck Quest takes palce in a fantasy world with dragons, paladins, mages, and other similar aspects.

The goal of the game is to complete whatever quest(s) the Game Master presents to the players. The players may decide to work in teams and/or individually--the game is completed when the given quest(s) is all accomplished


Objective - The objective of Deck Quest is to accomplish the Quest(s) created by the Game Master.

Steps - Deck Quest can be summed up as follows:
1. The Game Master crafts a Quest(s) for the players to complete. The info section on our website provides advice on how to create Quests.
2. Players create their very own, customizeable characters by drawing cards from the Role Deck.
3. Players adventure through different Locations and encounter various Adversaries on their way to complete the Game Master's Quest(s).
4. Players are to use their creativity and imagination in order to deal with a the situations they come across until they accomplish their given Quest(s).

Game Master - The Game Master's job is to weave together a fantasy setting for the players to explore:
- Craft an engaging Quest(s) for the game (e.g. Hunting down a powerful Adversary, finding a unique Item, etc).
- Decide players' fates using character stats and die rolls (die roll guidelines are described on the included Info Cards as well as the Info section of our website).
- Tell a story as players advance towards their Quest goal.

Players - In order to complete the Game Master's Quest(s), players utilize their imaginations to overcome any obstacles in their paths:
- Create their own unique character through drawing Role Cards.
- Work together to accomplish the Game Master's Quest(s).
- Respond to situations and obstacles by coming up with creative solutions.


1 - Deck Quest is supposed to be flexible. Very flexible. There aren't any specific rules that would fail the game if bent. Essentially, players shouldn't feel like they need to limit themselves when they play. If you're faced with a tricky situation in the game, we encourage you to come up with the funniest, the cleverest, the absolutely stupidest way to get out of it.
2 - The Game Master needs to be good. A good Game Master = a great play session. So, if you're ever the GM, keep this in mind: be funny, be [relatively] lax, and be creative. Be more creative than the players (I know, that's hard). Do these things well, and you and your friends will have a great experience. Here's a blog post about being a good GM:


If you'd like to learn more about Deck Quest, check out these links:
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