Lorenzo il Magnifico board game
Lorenzo il Magnifico board game

Lorenzo il Magnifico

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Lorenzo de' Medici was a key figure in Florence during the Renaissance, so what better setting than it for the race between noble families to gain prestige and fame? In Lorenzo il Magnifico, players send their noble family members out to different locations around the city to collect resources, acquire development cards, and pay tribute to the church. Not everyone is created equally, so deciding where to send the golden child of the family and where to send the black sheep might be key to victory.

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  • Germany
  • Great game. I love the variable engines that can be built and the variety of ways to win. Definitely would not have thought I would like a game about the church so much.
  • This is a fun brain burner of a game. It It is a worker placement with three and a half workers and six rounds. You roll three dice to determine the strength of the workers and you buy cards to build engines. Every decision is meaningful and agonizing in its repercussions and I love it. The cards are beautiful and all have unique abilities and characters from late 15th and early 16th century Italy. The only complaint that I have is that like Grand Austria Hotel the iconography is a bit unclear and you spend a lot of time in the rule book looking up specific cards abilities.
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I'm just going to say the mere mention of#Lorenzo il Magnifico means I'm going to have to check this out lol

I've really enjoyed my two plays of #Alma Mater and it has me thinking of snatching up #Lorenzo il Magnifico but I've really been loving #Maracaibo and instead of being glad I skipped over #Great Western Trail to grab it it just makes me want to go grab GWT as well.


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