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Find adventure in this marvelous asymmetric game. Root provides limitless replay value as you and your friends explore the unique factions all wanting to rule a fantastic forest kingdom. Play as the Marquise de Cat and dominate the woods, extracting its riches and policing its inhabitants, as the Woodland Alliance, gathering supporters and coordinate revolts against the ruling regime, the Eyrie Dynasties, regaining control of the woods while keeping your squabbling court at bay, or as the Vagabond, seeking fame and fortune as you forge alliances and rivalries with the other players. Each faction has its own play style and paths to victory, providing an immersive game experience you will want to play again and again.

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  • Hugely asymmetric factions with incredible card based gameplay. Amazing component quality and some of the most beautiful artwork in gaming.
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    + The Riverfolk expansion
  • Amazing game! Each play is unique, a lot of interaction, a full wargame!
  • Love the concept, not convinced about the gameplay yet. Haven't played enough though.
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That is a hard question. Based on it's own merits, that is a definate "yes." But, I brought five new games back with me from the states 2ish weeks ago. These are:

I have yet two play the last two, though I have 1862 set up for a solo run through at the moment, But, I am sure some of those, maybe all of them, will enter my top ten.

I do think Innovation is a solid little game, and I don't think it will ever leave my collection. I do really love it, but, for me it is strictly a two player game. I really don't like the game very much at 3 or 4 players. And, quite frankly, I think it is the absolute best value in gaming that I have seen.

I don't think my brain works that way.  I fall asleep when I'm pondering how to defeat a game or design a game tends to put me to sleep rather than keep me away.  I played about 8 games of solo #Viticulture: Essential Edition over the past three to four games and sadly was only able to get within 3 points on my best game.  It didn't keep me up at night but I have not yet unraveled the puzzle of winning within 7 seasons. 

I do love to read heavy rule books and drift into unconscienceness pondering the minutia of turn by turn play.   If I one day find myself in possession of #Brass: Birmingham or #The Gallerist I will likely spend hours perusing the rules working out various turn caveates in my head.

This coming Monday I have a PTO day in which I will spend the whole day playing boardgames with a recovering friend and will walk through a few rule books on games I am rusty on that we plan to play that day #Root, #Tapestry, #Anachrony, #Heaven & Ale, and if #Viscounts of the West Kingdom or #PARKS: Nightfall Expansion come in I'll be updating myself on those.

I played#Call to Adventure , learning to play#Root and#Obscurio

My family and friend and I have a weekly game night ! I am teaching them all new games every other week. It's a lot fun. 


I'll vote #Root too only because I'm less familiar with the other games.

Slow week, then a big weekend!

  • #Fort @ 2p on TTS. This was our second time playing, so we were more familiar with the game. We were able to play more quickly, and we both scored better than in our first game. I ended up winning by a narrow margin (2 or 3 points)
  • #Root @ 4p - last time I played this and talked about it with my wife, she expressed interest in trying it out, so I set up a game with my friend who owns it and his girlfriend. With 2 first-timers, the level of play wasn't super high, but I think the ladies did alright for their first games. My wife played the cats, and afterward she said she really didn't know what was going on most of the time and would need to get more familiar with the game to be able to tell if she likes it.
  • #Santorini 3x @ 2p - played with my buddy who loves the game as much as I do. I took 2 of 3. Played twice with regular god powers from the base game, and once with the hero powers from the #Santorini: Golden Fleece expansion.
  • #Sentient @ 2p - finally got to play this with someone! We both really enjoyed it. This is a puzzley game - kinda relaxing to me. We both had fun even helping each other out lol.
  • #Wingspan @ 4p - got to introduce my brother in law to this game and he SMOKED US. He got two birds with the "move to another habitat" ability and was just able to max out his turns almost every time toward the end of the game lol. It was pretty cool TBH. I came in dead last.
  • #Oceans @ 4p - I kind of wiped the floor with my friends (and my wife). I hope I didn't turn them off to the game lol. I set up a big old filter feeder with a whale cleaner, and both had traits to speed up the aging, so in the 2nd half of the game, I was scoring 11 points each turn. They didn't do enough to stop me, and no one ever caught up.

Whenever anyone would choose #Root I always root (pun intended) for them to win. (That is if I don't, haha)

#Caylus 1303 x1 (3 players / 1 total play) - First game. Brought it out at the wrong time, so it ended up being a rushed affair as people needed to get to bed. I still thoroughly enjoyed it and I certainly want to run it back. Lots of different elements and design choices that I noticed and could see the promise of, but they didn't get to shine under the circumstances.

#Root x 3 (2x 1 player | 1x 3 player / 16 total plays) - Still enjoying playing this solo. Definitely slowed down from the eight plays I had last week, but that was to be very expected haha. Also got to show it to two of my family members. They enjoyed it!

#Inis x1 (3 players / 8 total plays) - Played this right after the three-player game of Root. Definitely an odd play of this one. Still enjoyed it, but some player choices threw off the balance a bit. Nonetheless, I'd never turn this game down.

#Air, Land, & Sea x1 (3 total plays) - I. Am. So. Bad. At. This. Game. I have yet to register a point in three plays...

Oh wow, look at that, sold out most places. Anyway, it's one of our favorites - in my top 5. I highly recommend it as a couples game as well - not mean, very charming theme, and plays well at 2 (IMO).

Parks would be a good one! I guess then #Root would qualify, haha.

#Viticulture: Essential Edition also has seasons, but again, it has all of them.

Great list, thanks for sharing.

Can it be best at 5+?  If so I'd definitely put #Scythe on the list as I really enjoy it at a 5P minimum.  I also actually really enjoy #Root at 5P as long as you have a good faction mix.

I think #Star Wars Imperial Assault campaign mode plays best at 5.

Even though I haven't played it yet, based on watching videos and doing research I think that 5P would be ideal for #Pax Pamir (Second Edition)