Aeon's End: War Eternal board game
Aeon's End: War Eternal board game

Aeon's End: War Eternal

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Grave hold remains the last bastion of The World That Was. As the otherworldly incursions from the creatures known only as The Nameless intensify, a cadre of strange survivors emerge from the void itself. Will they be Grave hold's salvation or its undoing? War Eternal is a standalone game compatible with the hit cooperative deck building game Aeon's End. Players will struggle to defend Grave hold from The Nameless and their hordes using unique abilities, powerful spells, and an all new cast of dynamic characters. Featuring a number of innovative mechanisms, including a variable turn order system that simulates the chaos of an attack and deck management rules that require careful planning, War Eternal can be played alone or combined with other Aeon's End content for a game experience like no other.

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  • Great replayability.
  • Fantastic cooperative game, and has great artwork
  • Have only played with partially. May update rating as I get familiar with the content.
  • Gen Con 2017

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Wow good games. I love #Aeon's End: War Eternal so I might get the Legacy version

Yeah, those make no sense. Like I took the carboard folds out of #Aeon's End: War Eternal and I'm like, you could have made the box a third of what it is...

Hello! Thanks for the welcome

1. I found Board Game Atlas when browsing sales for games. I never buy games at full price.

2. I've only been in the hobby a few years. My friends brought #Betrayal at House on the Hill to play once and my mind was blown.

3. Hm... my current favorites are #Memoir '44, #Aeon's End: War Eternal, and #Specter Ops: Broken Covenant. Great games.

Oh, I also know of a card in #Aeon's End: War Eternal called Monster of Omens or something like that. He only has 5 health, but all damage dealt to him is reduced to 1. It's annoying because he's a lategame level 3 monster, so I keep on having to waste my high-damage spells to get him out of the way. He can be devestating during the game if you're in a rush to kill the nemesis and you're a tickle away from death

  1. #Spirit Island, #Santorini or #Hive Pocket, #The Castles of Burgundy, #Codenames, #Modern Art, Bohnanza, #Aeon's End: War Eternal
  2. Would love to see some of the games that are only available direct from the publisher with high shipping costs. #Too Many Bones and #V-Commandos come to mind and are high on my wishlist

We had two games hit the table. #Aeon's End: War Eternal and #Aeon's End: Legacy lol. Legacy was just me and the wife playing through the 3rd scenario and War Eternal was my wife trying to convince some of her friends that they would like it lol. All in all I cannot complain!

Got a game of #Welcome to... in with some friends, then my wife is trying to convert everyone we know into Aeon's End fans (this is the sign that she really enjoys the game), so we played a game of #Aeon's End: War Eternal with my sister-in-law and she enjoyed it! We have a convert!

Got a game of #Aeon's End: War Eternal in to test the waters with my wife. Ended up going so well that she gave me the okay to grab #Aeon's End: Legacy on Wednesday for the fundraiser. Just came in the mail yesterday!

I am currently debating going big with a Too Many Bones pre-order (I am still not 100% it would get tracked here lol) or go with #Aeon's End: Legacy (Just played a borrow copy of #Aeon's End: War Eternal last night and it was a hit with the wife)...Do I go with the thing I know worked well or do I take the bigger leap?!?

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