The Downfall of Pompeii board game
The Downfall of Pompeii board game

The Downfall of Pompeii

Can you escape the inferno?

It's the year of the Consulship of Augustus and Vespasianus. The rich, beautiful Roman city of Pompeii sits at the foot of majestic Mount Vesuvius. Renowned for exotic, easy, and ample luxury, the wealthy town attracts the best of Rome's proud citizens. But a terrible secret lies deep beneath the slopes of the mighty mountain. A primeval secret is about to unleash unspeakable horrors on this fateful afternoon. The mountain, so very long asleep, is finally reawakening!

Come to beautiful Pompeii! Use your cards to attract your Roman friends and relatives to visit select sites. But beware! The dreaded Vesuvius card means the mountain is awake, spewing fiery lava onto the unsuspecting city. Now you must struggle to get your compatriots out of the doomed town before they are engulfed. Rushing to avoid lava flows, your people must flee before Vesuvius explodes and ash seals their fate. Lead the most survivors to safety and you win!

Designed by Klaus-Jurgen Wrede, the talented creator of "Carcasonne". This edition Includes 3 dual vent tiles and a new "Dual Vent" variant!

120 wood pieces
62 game cards
45 lava tiles
3 dual vent tiles
1 volcano
1 cloth bag
Game board
Simple rules

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User Ratings & Reviews

  • DoP is a good game for families. That's the very first thing I have to say as the game has just enough fun with the volcano mechanism a chief part of the game play. There is nothing like burning your opponents meeples to death to bring about some family fun and get the comments flowing around the table. The biggest asset of this game is that once everyone knows the rules to the game it moves along as a very quick pace. Yes, there is some downtime as you wait for your turn to come around to make you moves but the decisions in this game aren't rocket science... place a meeple, pick a card... place a lava tile... move your meeples to safety... burn an opponent's family members once in a while... repeat often. The actions don't take that long to decide and it's fun to watch the board take shape and see meeples getting charcoaled in Vesuvius along the way. The game isn't overly complicated but like any good game... there is enough strategy to make you think about what areas to occupy and there is real tension in the "Run for your lives" stage where you are hoping your little pieces aren't burnt to a crisp by your evil opponents.Overall a great little family game and a pretty solid gateway style game for non-gamers as well. There is just enough confrontation and the potential for some evil yet strategic moves combined with a decent theme that this game should be a pretty easy sell to a fairly broad range of gamers.
  • What a great gateway style game. The way that you can teach this game in stages makes it very accessible to all players. I can see that there's a lot of strategy to a more experienced player, but it's lots of fun for your first time as well. There's almost a balancing mechanism because if one player is extremely successful at getting people on the board, others will rush to kill that player's people.The setup of the deck is a bit time-consuming. Also you have to be comfortable with a game where you openly attack the other players. Still there's so much nastiness going around that it's hard to get too upset. I've had a ton of fun with this game and expect it will become one of our favorites for years to come.
  • Fun, family-friendly, slightly silly light/medium-weighter. Any lack of depth is forgotten as one realizes that throwing your opponents' people in the volcano is fun in its own right. ;-)
  • I liked my one play of this, but have no great desire to play it again. I appreciate the mechanics of the deck and the double game feel - the first being one system, the latter being another. Clearly well tuned as a game, but feels out of date in style and substance. It was also a tiny over complicated, but all in all, not too bad.

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