Star Wars: Rebellion board game
Star Wars: Rebellion board game

Star Wars: Rebellion

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"Star Wars: Rebellion is a board game of epic conflict between the Galactic Empire and Rebel Alliance for two to four players! Experience the Galactic Civil War like never before. In Rebellion, you control the entire Galactic Empire or the fledgling Rebel Alliance. You must command starships, account for troop movements, and rally systems to your cause. Featuring more than 150 plastic miniatures and two game boards that account for thirty-two of the Star Wars galaxy's most notable systems, Rebellion features a scope that is as large and sweeping as any Star Wars game before it. Yet for all its grandiosity, Rebellion remains intensely personal, cinematic, and heroic. As much as your success depends upon the strength of your starships, vehicles, and troops, it depends upon the individual efforts of such notable characters as Leia Organa, Mon Mothma, Grand Moff Tarkin, and Emperor Palpatine. As civil war spreads throughout the galaxy, these leaders are invaluable to your efforts, and the secret missions they attempt will evoke many of the most inspiring moments from the classic trilogy. You might send Luke Skywalker to receive Jedi training on Dagobah or have Darth Vader spring a trap that freezes Han Solo in carbonite! Contents include: 1 game board (split in 2 halves), 170 plastic miniatures, 25 leaders (with stands), 10 custom dice, Over 170 cards, 1 Learn to Play Booklet, 1 Rules Reference".

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  • fantastic game! One of the best star war games
  • My absolute favorite game ever. One of the best experiences in a box you’ll find anywhere. Epic. Thematic. Totally incredible. Oh and it has great miniatures too.
  • Find them and destroy them all. Charge Deathstar now!
  • I'm rating it an 8 and it's been out long enough that I don't have to say why I love this game, because anyone who's played it already knows perfectly well that it's excellent. You're reading this to know what I'm dinging it for.1) The combat system in the base game is dull. The expansion fixes this completely. Get the expansion. That’s +1 to the score right there.2) It's VERY long. The hours fly by, don't get me wrong, you're never bored. But barring an impressively poor Rebel base choice or psychic cheating luck for the Empire, this game will never be shorter than watching any Star Wars movie, if not two, and that’s pretty long for a 2-player game. You won't get it to the table without scheduling it well in advance.3) This game has so many different components that you really need an organizer. Otherwise setup is lengthy and digging through components during the game to find the one you need can get very frustrating. It's a necessary evil for the experience they're trying to give you, but a necessary evil is no less evil for its necessity. With a good organizer or organization scheme, another +1.So: get a good organizer and the expansion and it’s perfect.
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Question 1:

I love redactional content. it takes manhours to make but it generates traffic and it learns me stuff. 
I like how this page brings some of that forward.

Discovering overlap in game mechanics across a multitude of games could pitch games together and the redactional content could weigh them off against each other. the "Content creator spotlight" is a good exaple of the value of content

The trending part tends to rev the engine of what is already being talked about.
the "Discover" would mean, for me at least", being exposed to the LESS obvious games and mechanics.


Lodology often features a "gametech" with could be a brief history of a game. SU&SD adds flavour with humour.
Dice tower pitches 3 opinions together in top 10, creating (somewhat long) but interesting discussion and 3BMG does the exact opossite and brings me the ultimate, efficient SHOT of what I need to know about the game.

I'm a fan of all and everything here on BGA (thx to sponsoring 3MBG) but I wonder what kind of identity the content on this platform will be. What will be typical for BGA? the USP; reason people go to other places but ALSO here? 
Discovery of new stuff, old stuff, specific stuff, cheap stuff, exclusive stuff,... it could be all that or something more narrow :D

In combination with "content"; the aspect "Discovery" could be the "Indiana Jonesing of boardgames" :D

Question 2:
#Star Wars: Rebellion
is still my favourite; it are the ingredients of that epic classic Trilogy in a box. You recreate a whole new story, throw in your own narrative and write new, intense chapters :D


Wow, I've repeatedly heard how hard it is to get past the iconography for #Race for the Galaxy in the beginning, but surprised to hear that it's the hardest teach. I still haven't played it but have the Steam version to try it out some day. Hopefully there's a tutorial mode that gets me up to speed.

I remember watching that SUSD video a while back. It was a great video and I felt like revisiting it to prep for teaching #Star Wars: Rebellion to my wife haha

The most recent game I taught was #Cartographers: A Roll Player Tale! I actually found it an easier teach than #Welcome to... even though it offers a slightly deeper gameplay. Another reason why it's my favorite "roll & write" now.

I actually can't think of a game that was especially tough to teach so far. I think it's because I typically avoid games that are way too complex to explain lol. Now, I do have several games I'll need to teach my wife soon, and they are #Pax Pamir (Second Edition), #Brass: Birmingham, and #Star Wars: Rebellion. Of those...

  • Brass -  Shouldn't be too bad and it'll be one of those teach as you play kind of games
  • Pax Pamir 2E - Will be hard. The rules themselves aren't too tough to learn but as a beginner to the genre, my wife will probably have a difficult time grasping the meaning of her actions
  • Star Wars: Rebellion - I've done zero homework on it so far so I have no idea how tough it will be. Complexity rating is slightly below Brass but games with significant variable player powers/asymmetry tend to take more effort to teach

The easiest teach? #Just One or #Skull

Personal approach? I just study the heck out of the rulebook, watch a video or search google for clarifications if needed, and teach when I feel confident enough to make it the easiest experience for my wife. It sure is hard though. I've done a lot of volunteering at church and at schools as a teacher, and I'm pretty comfortable with being able to convey the heart of a message. But when it comes to gaming rules, it's so easy to get caught up in the details :(

I prefer being taught so that I can avoid getting past the laziness. But I gotta say, as someone who's thorough in going through the rules, it's hard when the teacher is someone who's known to miss significant rules very often. Makes me feel like I need to double check!

Our son falls asleep around 9:30 or 10pm these days. I'm pretty sure that's super late for a 2 year old hahah

The 3 hr-ish gaming sessions haven't happened for a long time now but I'm grateful when it happens. On D-day for #Star Wars: Rebellion, I'll have to be on my best behavior and be extra helpful around the house!

I know right?.... It was only several days ago when I mentioned that I caved and got #Star Wars: Rebellion. Then I see #Nemo's War: Ultimate Edition on Kickstarter xD

The galactic empire in #Star Wars: Rebellion :D

The logistic challenge, the raiding of planet after planet, the possibility to capture somebody and turn him/her to the dark side... moehahaha!!!

Glad you landed here! Feel free to give your feedback as you explore the different parts of the website.

With the holiday seaon coming around, are there some games you've been thinking about getting before the end of 2020? I ended up going for #Star Wars: Rebellion out of left field haha. Eclipse looked great on SUSD's video. I'm somewhat glad that I don't have to think about buying it at all since I don't have the group for it.

I sure hope so! I mean, she forgets sometimes but she's already gone through several game sessions that she really enjoyed that went past 3 hours: #Catan and #Clank! Legacy: Acquisitions Incorporated (the first play of Clank! Legacy was pretty bumpy since it was our first legacy game). But yeah, I have so many games I'd love to introduce to her: #Star Wars: Rebellion, #Brass: Birmingham, #Tzolk'in: The Mayan Calendar, and #Too Many Bones. I honestly can't see her not liking any of these!

I hope your weekend is relaxing at least. Hope you get in some gaming time! :)

Unfortunately I've never played #Star Wars: Rebellion, but man would I love to play it, it sounds so awesome.  Maybe at BGA Con.

Well of course I'm eyeing the #Root expanion and I will be looking at John Company 2E.  However, maybe I can convince myself that the Root expansion doesn't count since it's not a full on game, haha.

I've never had much interest in #Star Wars: Rebellion. I already own #War of the Ring and I vastly prefer the LOTR IP. That said, I hope you enjoy it! I'm curious to calculate what I've spent on board games this year. Seeing as how I just purchased #Pax Pamir (Second Edition) for $90 the other day, I'm a little worried to tally it up...  

The best overall design.

#Star Wars Imperial Assault . The way they refined an already sweet dice mechanic earns my full respect.

Your best memories

#Axis & Allies classic: same set of friends after each period of exams. 

Best cover art

#HeroQuest (original)

The best euro


The best quick game (30m or less)


The first game you loved 

#Hotel Tycoon (formerly known as "Hotel")

The best game you can can fit in your pocket.

A set of poker dice

The most immersive experience

#Star Wars: Rebellion

Your most played game

Close call between #Ticket to Ride: Europe and Earthworms :)

Your favourite components

The twitchy vibrating moving cockroach in #Bugs in the Kitchen | La Cucaracha

The 'to put it politely, I can't fathom how anyone can enjoy this' award

haven't encounter anything yet that has no significant target audience in my eyes.