Santorini: Golden Fleece board game
Santorini: Golden Fleece board game

Santorini: Golden Fleece

Golden Fleece adds more Gods like the magical Hecate or the mysterious Hades and also Heroes like Hercules and Achilles! Also included is a Golden Fleece figure, which can give any player touching it the power of a God! While Heroes have powerful abilities, they can only be used once per game. This is a great way to balance out skill gaps or introduce new players to the world of Santorini!

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  • Adds 2 new game modes - Hero power variant and Golden Fleece variant. Both are simple but add different ways to play that change up the strategy.
  • This expansion pretty much doubles the number of god powers as well as adds a way to play where those powers are stored at a fixed point on the board and can only be used when you are touching that point. Overall, this doesn't add a lot to the game but I liked the base game so much that I would still recommend getting this expansion.
  • Adds variety but doesn't add depth to the game and detracts from the god vs god feel and makes it more about the objective.

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Slow week, then a big weekend!

  • #Fort @ 2p on TTS. This was our second time playing, so we were more familiar with the game. We were able to play more quickly, and we both scored better than in our first game. I ended up winning by a narrow margin (2 or 3 points)
  • #Root @ 4p - last time I played this and talked about it with my wife, she expressed interest in trying it out, so I set up a game with my friend who owns it and his girlfriend. With 2 first-timers, the level of play wasn't super high, but I think the ladies did alright for their first games. My wife played the cats, and afterward she said she really didn't know what was going on most of the time and would need to get more familiar with the game to be able to tell if she likes it.
  • #Santorini 3x @ 2p - played with my buddy who loves the game as much as I do. I took 2 of 3. Played twice with regular god powers from the base game, and once with the hero powers from the #Santorini: Golden Fleece expansion.
  • #Sentient @ 2p - finally got to play this with someone! We both really enjoyed it. This is a puzzley game - kinda relaxing to me. We both had fun even helping each other out lol.
  • #Wingspan @ 4p - got to introduce my brother in law to this game and he SMOKED US. He got two birds with the "move to another habitat" ability and was just able to max out his turns almost every time toward the end of the game lol. It was pretty cool TBH. I came in dead last.
  • #Oceans @ 4p - I kind of wiped the floor with my friends (and my wife). I hope I didn't turn them off to the game lol. I set up a big old filter feeder with a whale cleaner, and both had traits to speed up the aging, so in the 2nd half of the game, I was scoring 11 points each turn. They didn't do enough to stop me, and no one ever caught up.


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