Western Legends board game
Western Legends board game

Western Legends

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From the creative mind of Hervé Lemaître, players will enjoy a highly narrative and interactive experience, choosing a life of crime as a Wanted character or justice as a Marshal. Western Legends features historical characters from the American old west brought to life with the beautiful illustration work by Roland MacDonald.

In Western Legends, players can rob the bank as Billy the Kid, evade the sheriff as “Doc” Holliday, or rustle cattle as Calamity Jane. In the end, the objective is to go down in history as the most legendary figure of the time.

Over the course of the game, players will need to react to random events, complete jobs and objectives, and equip themselves to survive. Purchase a mount, weapons, and other items necessary to get through the troubled times in one piece. Mine for gold, wrangle cattle or hold up other players. You can do it all in the open sandbox environment laid in front of you!

Your actions determine where you fall in the eyes of the law.

Players will enjoy having multiple paths to victory and a diverse set of characters and options to choose from, ensuring that no two games will ever be the same. Additionally, the game features incredible miniatures, custom sculpted by Pure Arts Studios. While there is plenty of content in Western Legends, players will find rules and gameplay to be simple and straightforward.

Whether you choose the path of a wandering gunfighter, a small-town sheriff, or a successful lawman planning to retire, only one player will emerge as Legendary!

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  • I will revise this next time I play. First play was a 3-player game. One player was the prospector and ended up farming 10 gold nuggets in one turn. Then before we could get to him, he did it again but declined to fight so lost 5 gold nuggets and still got to bank 5 more LP. Basically stock piled nuggets and cash to the point where he would decline a fight and go to bank. Won in 4 turns. Game took 20 minutes. I'm SURE it was a smart play - well done. I just feel like that's an oversight. I mean even with 2 other players trying to get to him and still maintain some sort of balance with their own goals it was almost impossible to stop him since you can only choose to fight someone once per turn. I think with 4-players it will be better since people can cover the board more and there is less free roaming. The concept is great. I'm excited to try it again.
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  • We all agreed it was worth the money and the owner promptly sold it.
  • JV
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If I had the time (and space) I would love to paint my minis.  I don't have many games with them (because I prefer Meeples), but I think it'd be super fun to bling my minis for #Star Wars Imperial Assault, #Western Legends, and #Scythe.

Ooh, I totally forgot to put#Western Legends on my suggested list.  Love that game at 5+.

Here are some from my collection, though I wouldn't necessarily recommend them for everyone. They are fantastic games though.

I do really like the sound of the sandbox elements within #Western Legends

Unfortunately i also have never played any western themed games but #Western Legends #Great Western Trail and #Flick Em Up! are all on my board game bucket list. 

GWT in particular speaks to the worker placement economy nerd in me. 

I guess I lean more toward the second one, where you immerse yourself in the game, and the game's natural arc and ebbs and flows create a story within each play. #Dune is fantastic for this (no surprise here). Games that are heavy on theme lend themselves pretty naturally to this, since immersion isn't a hurdle. So Pandemic is a good example. Another one from my collection would be #Western Legends. Games with a more Euro sensibility obviously can be great fun and have amazing moments, but the story-telling aspect isn't as strong.

I think #Western Legends was my first backed Kickstarter.  So much fun that fits the theme well.  I love how much direct and indirect player interaction exists.

I've really only played 2 of them: #Bang!: The Dice Game, and #Western Legends. Western Legends has been a big hit with my group, and I even recently kickstarted the final expansion, Blood Money. As you know, , that game is a sandbox style game and is really fun and thematic, while also managing to be strategic at the same time. It's super fun to immerse yourself in the "cowboy ethos" and imagine what your character might actually do. Highly recommend that one if anyone is interested in the Western theme!