Hellas board game
In the land of ancient Greece, called Hellas, the people waged power struggles for control of the many valuable islands. The combatants faced each other over land and across the seas. In these battles with sail and sword, the combatants venture forth to discover new islands to fight over. To aid them in their battles, the combatants often seek the favor of the Gods.

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  • Two-player game of Greek island conquest. I was quite disappointed in this game. To me and my opponent, it felt like a mindless attack back-and-forth kind of game, interspaced with a bit of exploration and the occasional reinforcement action when the dead piles got too big.Also, as others have commented, the cards determine *everything* in this game. If your opponent has a crappy Ares card, your 4-on-3 sea attack will succeed, if he has a good one, you've just lost 4 greeks. Sure, you might have a Zeus "counterspell" as backup, but so might he. If I wanted an interesting game of instant speed spells and counterspells, I would play Magic, rather than this dry, repetitive exercise.In addition, the wording of many of the god cards, not to mention the interaction of those cards with others leads to a multitude of rules questions not covered by the rules. Not good.In short, there is no way I can recommend this game.
  • 2019-03-11 : I was preparing this game for a gamenight - reading the rules and going over the components and it all looked very familiar. My wife took a look and said as much as "Ah, that game, remember when I kicked your behind in it ?" No - I didn't - really - the defeat must have stung so much that I erased it from my memory. Not in a hurry to play it again, but over time I might.2019-12-27 : Played it again - I won, but this game is so much take-that nonsense that I'll probably forget about it again. Note to self : don't play this again.
  • This one was okay. It really is a conflict type quick war game. It's very abstracty, and there is a lot of luck in the draw of the cards, which kind of kills it for me. But it is interesting deciding to attack opposing cities, or explore for your own new ones.
  • After 4 plays, i have to say this game has grown on me. Trying to get the 10th city is really hard..It's worth a look.

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