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Maracaibo board game


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Maracaibo, the new strategy game for 1-4 players by Alexander Pfister, is set in the Caribbean during the 17th century. The players try to increase their influence in three nations in four rounds with a play time of 40 minutes per player.

The players sail on a round course through the Caribbean. E.g., you have city tiles where you are able to perform various actions or deliver goods to. One special feature is an implemented quest mode over more and various tiles, which tells the player, who chase after it, a little story.

As a player, you move with your ship around the course, managing it by using cards like in other games from Alexander Pfister.

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  • Convoluted point salad. These euro feels really like yearly reharsh ea game to me
  • Maracaibo is a nice conglomeration of other successful Alex Pfister games. It has the rondel/turn movement from GWT, multi use cards from Oh My Goods, and upgraded scoring pieces that go onto the board similar to Mombasa. It all comes together into a tight package that plays out faster than it feels. The game should take about 90-120 minutes and has a lot of variability due to the large pool of cards that creates a unique game deck each time. It has a really nice solo mode and includes a campaign/story mode that is fun to play through. This one comes highly recommended.
  • Game of 2019.
  • I've played a few solo legacy chapters and this game has a lot going for it. It is easy to play and offers a good number of challenging choices.
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#Megaland - I sold Machi Koro (Becky and I didn't like it but the kids did) and essentially replaced it with this game.  I played it once before at a game group and Target had a buy 2 get 1 free deal going.  We played as a family this weekend and everyone loved it and it plays much better than either #Machi Koro or #Diamant of which Megaland seems to be a combination of sorts.  I can see us playing this a lot more in the near future.

#Gloomhaven but not the board game the online Steam version.  I started a 4-character play on the "insane" difficulty level and have to say it is quite the challenge!  I've lost two times on the same scenario but looking forward to running through it again.  I am playing a 2 character campaign with another buddy online as well and we have a blast doing that many mornings at 4:30am.

#Maracaibo - I tought Becky how to play this weekend and she seemed to enjoy it.  I can tell she is more comfortable with a higher complexity game.  I had been looking forward to getting this to the table again and was thrilled to play.

Lol. My most recent purchases are (In order of most recent to oldest)


#Aeon's End: Legacy

#Nemo's War (Second Edition)

#First Martians: Adventures on the Red Planet

#The City of Kings (BGA GAW)


I think that's quite a lot!

Well the first one we played this summer once we were able to meet was#Root. I'd been wanting to play that one since last February. Otherwise I've got #A Feast For Odin,#Terraforming Mars,#Gaia Project,#Maracaibo,#Trajan, #Root: The Riverfolk Expansion, and more that I can't remember right now. I have no idea how to prioritize. I'll probably just ask them what they want to play because I'm just happy to be able to play games right now. 

Hmm, lots of solo eh?  

WIth that much cash you have a lot of options for sure.  I'm not sure if this falls under "Generic Fantasy" or not but #Gloomhaven would offer you a ton of playtime for your dollar and perhaps the most diverse solo experience over multiple game sessions with the option for multiplayer.  I was initial turned off by this game as I didn't connect with the theme much and figured it was a typical dungeon crawl.  I was wrong.  Best game made to date imo.

Hisotrically speaking I think #Brass: Birmingham or losely #Maracaibo fall into this range with Brass being a bit more historically founded (by a bit I mean QUITE a bit).  I am not sure if Brass has a solo mode however and Maracaibo has a decent solo mode in my opinion.

#Robinson Crusoe: Adventures on the Cursed Island has a difficult solo mode for sure and a decent amount of setup and several scenarios with lots of other options avaialble online down the road should you wish to pursue them.  Very challenging game involving dice, cards, a bit of development.

I think #Paladins of the West Kingdom has one of the best solo modes of any game I've played solo and games generally last close to 2 hours for me as I like to think through my choices. #Teotihuacan: City of Gods also sports a good solo feature with a unique mechanic for automa turn and has a little historical aspect.  Another great game with historical connections and a great solo mode is #Clans of Caledonia.  

#Gloomhaven would be my first choice. #Clans of Caledonia and #Paladins of the West Kingdom is think you could afford together and possible even toss in #Teotihuacan: City of Gods for a threesome.  For high complexity maybe consider #Clans of Caledonia and #Robinson Crusoe: Adventures on the Cursed Island.

Multiuse cards are amazing. They create so many amazing decisions. Have you played#Maracaibo?

Thanks! I'm on the last chapter of the legacy part of#Aeon's End: Legacy and then I'll play#Maracaibo

Maybe #Maracaibo? Or a Lacerda game like #Vinhos? I honestly would just go with something off their wishlist.

#Architects of the West Kingdom seems too easy and he likely has that one. #Everdell would work if you get the #Everdell: Legends to go with it as there are some variable player options. #Trismegistus: The Ultimate Formula could be a sneaker that doesn't have worker placement but does have the other mechanics.

If you are aiming big then #Anachrony is all over all of those "wishes" if s/he doesn't have it already.  Midrange and slightly off the mark games might be #Maracaibo or #PARKS.  On the lower end (Actually PARKS migth fall there) something like #Tiny Epic Dinosaurs could function although it seems a bit too small.

#Raiders of Scythia could be a nice left field option.