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Conquer Territory! Defeat Your Enemies! Appease the Gods!

In Kemet, players lead a tribe of ancient Egyptians as they strategically maneuver their troops to control the most territories and battle against their rivals. Draw upon the powers of the Egyptian gods and recruit mythical creatures to reinforce your armies and vanquish those who oppose you and your ambitions!

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  • One the best area control games I've ever played. Drafting power tiles, trying to build some sort of economy that works all while combat takes place every round with zero luck. Add on top the ability to get giant mythological monsters and you're in for a fantastic time.
  • The minis in this one a SO nice. And it's a really fun game too.
  • Oh wibbley wobbley woo, this game will bloomin do! It is my favourite DOTM game and I will always want to play it. Stargate the board game, lovely
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Played a 4p #Kemet game last night.  Back to back weeks so the game went a little smoother.  Over in about 75 min, really tight scores.  Glad to have gotten this one back to the table.

Wrapped up the night with a 2v2 game of Dice Throne using #Dice Throne: Season 2 - Tactician vs. Huntress vs #Dice Throne: Season 2 - Gunslinger vs. Samurai.  The T & H team won thanks to back to back defense rolls (needed 4 or 5 to block) and did it twice.  Had a lot more than doing 2 v 2 than 1 v 1.  May need to actually pick up the rest of the Season 2 sets and probably all of season 1 while i'm at it ;)

Played #Kemet w/ 3 that ended in a 3 way tie (I won the first tie-breaker).  Such a good and fun game.

Played #Concordia w/ 3.  it was the first play for the other 2 and I ended up running away with the game.  Won by almost 40 points.

Played #Gunslinger vs Samurai - Dice Throne: Season Two Board Game (Samurai) vs #Dice Throne: Season 2 - Tactician vs. Huntress (Tactician) and the Samurai won pretty easily again.  Think my approach to the Tactician needs some refinement. 

Bought #Dr. Eureka and played 4 or 5 games with my boys.  They both love the game (10 & 13yr old).  Play usually to 5 cards. 

Played #Raptor and playing as the Raptor is so difficult.  Really enjoy this game and its challange. 

Hey everyone,

Glad to be here.  I'll go with #Power Grid, #Kemet, and #Coup, but I'd like to try #Sekigahara: The Unification of Japan

Anyone in the Bay Area?


I watched/read a few things in the #Kemet vs #Inis vs #Cyclades and I don't recall anyone not picking #Inis (which incidentally caused it to be the most interesting to me, among other reasons).

#Inis is a visually beautiful game with very unique art and great components. The game is relatively easy to teach, with 3 clear winning conditions and only about 16 cards bein the main way to take actions in the game. Yet the game can become a deep, rich tactical struggle once all players are familiar with those 16 cards. Its definetly my favorite game in my collection and I recently got the expansion for it. 

As for the reason its not talked about all that much (last week it was mentioned though!), might be because its very often out of print or maybe the year it was released there was a lot of fixation with higher quality minis. But to be fair I don't hear any of the other Matagot games mentioned that much either: #Kemet , #Cyclades.


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