Weather Machine board game
Weather Machine board game


Natural disasters will quickly be a thing of the past." Those were the thoughts of Sêni Lativ, meteorologist and chief engineer of the weather department in Lightning Technologies after the latest test with his newest invention — the weather machine. He can see how controlling the weather will change the world, but it never happens the way in which he imagines it. As soon as the news about controlling the weather came out in the media, a significant struggle arose over his invention. Businessmen want to make it a commodity, politicians a weapon. His company just wants to sell it for the highest payout. Tourism, agriculture, private companies, governments, secret organizations — within a minute, everyone wants a piece of this machine.

In Weather Machine, players are executives from different companies interested in selling the weather machine services from Lighting Technologies. They are trying to achieve the most contracts to increase their company's value. To do that, they can follow different paths, showing loyalty to the dream of the scientist and working for the benefit of the Earth's climate, by just selling the weather services for profit or even to reveal the machine plan and secretly selling it to the military.

The game is set in a steampunk alternative universe. Weather Machine is a resource-management-based game to manipulate the weather using the machine, feed its needs, and achieve goals. Mechanisms in the game range from action selection and worker placement to hand management. Players will try to hone the machine to complete their contracts, while at the same time increasing their power in business and climbing the stairs of their companies.

Players choose two actions each, and once all of them are chosen, the actions resolve one after another. The action selection is based on the quadrel created in Vinhos, and the actions are:

  • Sell/buy resources
  • Feed machine
  • Shoot machine: snow, rain, sun, wind, hurricanes, fog
  • Get a contract
  • Complete company contracts
  • Work on goals
  • Sell the plans of Lightning Technologies' weather machine to the government
  • Sell/buy company shares

Whoever ends up with most money wins.

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