The Quacks of Quedlinburg board game
The Quacks of Quedlinburg board game


Welcome to Quedlinburg, where the best quack doctors gather to brew potions to cure smelly feet, homesickness, and hiccups. You're one of them. Your challenge is to make a special brew that will make you the best miracle doctor in the land.

The Quacks of Quedlinburg is a fun, quick push-your-luck game where you draw from your stock of ingredients, adding them to your cauldron, until your brew seems just right. But be careful: add the wrong ingredient and the potion could spoil. Do you stop early to raise your chance of making a better potion later, or risk a setback to reach for more money and fame now? Finding the right balance between risk and reward is key.

Winner of the 2018 Gamer's Game of the Year in Germany (the Kennerspiel des Jahres - considered the Oscar of boardgames)

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      Frequently Asked Questions

      How do you play this game?

      You can learn how to play the game by reading the rulebook or by watching this video from Rodney Smith of Watch It Played:

      What's inside the box?


      • 4 pots (player boards)
      • 1 scoring track with turn indicator
      • 12 ingredient books
        • 2x yellow
        • 2x green
        • 2x red
        • 2x blue
        • 2x purple
        • 1x black
        • 1x orange
      • 24 fortune-teller cards
      • 4 flasks
      • 4 bags
      • 4 0/50-seals
      • 20 rubies
      • 215 ingredient chips and 3 replacement chips
        • White: 20x 1-chip, 8x 2-chip, 4x 3-chip, 1x replacement chip for each 1-chip, 2-chip, and 3-chip
        • Green: 15x 1-chip, 10x 2-chip, 13x 4-chip
        • Blue: 14x 1-chip, 10x 2-chip, 10x 4-chip
        • Red: 12x 1-chip, 8x 2-chip, 10x 4-chip
        • Yellow: 13x 1-chip, 6x 2-chip, 10x 4-chip
        • Purple: 15x 1-chip
        • Orange: 20x 1-chip
        • Black: 18x 1-chip
      • 1 flame (turn marker)
      • 1 bonus die
      • 8 droplets (4 of which are for the game variation)
      • 4 scoring markers
      • 4 rat stones
      • 1 Almanac of Ingredients