Agricola (Revised Edition) board game
Agricola (Revised Edition) board game

Agricola (Revised Edition)

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Updated and streamlined for a new generation of players, Agricola, the award-winning and highly acclaimed game by Uwe Rosenberg, features a revised rulebook and gameplay, along with wood pieces and components for up to four players.

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  • Admittedly have only played solo as I can't get anyone interested to play with me. Solo was ok. Lots of setup and I suspect there is lots of analysis paralysis that has to be guarded against.
  • Great game. Just the right amount of variety and tightness for me, especially with the Farmers of the Moor expansion added.
  • A better version of Agricola for me (less cards to muddle through) - though I kind of miss my stickered discs from the original set. Agricola is the essential backbreaking euro. Can you feed all of your people?...not really, but somehow you do it. I love how hard the choices are in this game and how well the player interaction works in accordance with that. I prefer this to the looser system of Caverna. *All plays tracked under original version.
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The Elements of Gods? I've seen that Kickstarter before but we haven't partnered up with them! Are you referring to the giveaway run by Board Game Revolution facebook group? Either way, great to have you here :)

#Dune! I've only heard great things about it. I really need to break out my copy of #Agricola (Revised Edition). Still haven't given it my first play.

1. I came across The Elements of Gods kickstarter and saw that you guys were part of a giveaway with them. Followed the cookie crumbs and ended up here.

2. Have had board games for 3 years now, but started seriously following the past 5 months.

3. Top 3 at the moment are in no particular order;

  1. #Dune
  2. #Gloomhaven: Jaws of the Lion
  3. #Agricola (Revised Edition)

Thanks for the template:

#Agricola (Revised Edition) is the king of this topic for me. Lately #Tzolk'in: The Mayan Calendar can fall in this category too lol. 

Yes. #Agricola (Revised Edition). It's taking a long time for me to bring it out. Still haven't learned the full rules!

I have a few games I love, even though I regularly lose.

  1. #Puerto Rico: I have won several games of PR. I have played a lot of games like this, and I am generally competative, but I don't think I have won more than once or twice.
  2. #Race for the Galaxy: This is a retheme of PR. So, it isn't a surprise that I have so much trouble with this one. I am getting better.... But, I don't think I have ever won a live game.
  3. #Agricola (Revised Edition) I guess I just have a problem winning middle aged euro games. LOL


Thank you! Will let her know :)

Hope the weekend gives both of you some much needed breathing room. I realllly need to try out #The Castles of Burgundy some day. Getting in a play of #Catan felt like a milestone achieve a while back and I'll feel the same way once I check off that and #Agricola (Revised Edition) off my list haha