Sushi Go Party! board game
Sushi Go Party! board game

Sushi Go Party!

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Sushi Go!, is a party platter of mega maki, super sashimi, and endless edamame. You still earn points by picking winning sushi combos, but now you can customize each game by choosing a la carte from a menu of more than twenty delectable dishes. What's more, up to eight players can join in on the sushi-feast. Let the good times roll!

This deluxe edition features lots of opportunities to customize your playing experience. You'll find that while the overall game is basically the same, the variety of cards offers many new opportunities. You'll also notice that the strategy changes from game to game.

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  • One in my son's growing collection. It's a fun mechanism to have to rotate the hands of cards. And it has just the right amount of weight of decisions that my wife is happy to join in too, so bonus points for that It does feel as though there is space in the tin for twice as many cards, as though they were expecting to include expansions which never meterialized. As is, it doesn't quite live up to its self-professed 'deluxe' status. I would definitely welcome more variety of food types. Living in Japan, I know just how much they could run with this idea. The current offering only scratches the surface of what is on offer at most sushi restaurants. It's begging for more choices really. I'd also welcome more crunchy decisions in the way they all synergise, but I realise that that would stray away from the intended audience for a game this light.
  • IT's too light for most purposes and when I tried it with Muggles it only went over soso.
  • Great looking party game. LOVE to have it
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I had a very busy weekend. This pandemic makes me play mostly online... I don't complain, I still get to play but I really miss the real face 2 face game nights... So, I got to play with my non-gamers friends #Sushi Go Party! and #Bohnanza.

I am a fan of heavy games, but being able to play with friends and laughing with them in my living room, definitively is some worth to repeat!!

#Sushi Go Party!

I love heavier games but this one is always enjoyable to me!

#Sushi Go! or #Sushi Go Party! are always fun. I also enjoy #Jaipur for two players. I also recently bought #No Thanks! and #Point Salad but I haven't had the chance to get them to the table yet. They both look really good and spoke well of in reviews.

Hi again,

1. After some consideration I've come up with some good games that i would get if i were to start all over again (I have a dream):

#Star Realms (portable and fun, lots of expansions)

#Santorini (a much better than chess)

#Sushi Go Party! (Easy to pickup and good fun)

#Terraforming Mars (so good, the game that got me started)

#Burgle Bros. (I'm always game for a good co-op game) (Hopefully I'll get my kickstarter copy  #Burgle Bros 2: The Casino Capers)

#Forbidden Desert (what can i say, I really like co-op)

#Love Letter or#Infinity Gauntlet: A Love Letter Game (a Pint and love letter at the pub)

#Clank! In! Space! (Deck-building fun)

#The Taverns of Tiefenthal (was considering#The Quacks of Quedlinburg but i enjoy this even more )

#The 7th Continent (mystery and survival at its best) (Looking forward to#The 7th Citadel)

#Imhotep (simple, complex, fun and frustrating at the same time)

#Tiny Epic Galaxies,#Tiny Epic Zombies, #Tiny Epic Mechs,#Tiny Epic Quest, #Tiny Epic Defenders (Second Edition),#Tiny Epic Tactics,#Tiny Epic Kingdoms,#Tiny Epic Pirates, #Tiny Epic Dinosaurs #Tiny Epic Western (so small and with surprisingly much content and depth) (they are so small that my wife wouldn't even think that may gaming collection/addiction would be a problem)

Well folks that's the games i would get for my $200 (they were all on super mega sale of the century of course otherwise I wouldn't be able to get em all 😂).

2. And as for that hard to get game: #Shadows Over Camelot (co-op, hidden identity)


I second #Diamonds and #6 Nimmt! 

I would also recommend:

  1. #The Fox in the Forest
  2. #Bohnanza
  3. #Silver & Gold
  4. #Arboretum
  5. #High Society
  6. #Point Salad
  7. #For Sale
  8. #Love Letter
  9. #The Mind
  10. #12 Days
  11. #Sushi Go Party!
  12. #The Crew: The Quest for Planet Nine (Maybe an Honorable Mention - depending on how you want to count the component list)

As you can see I love card games ;)

I really love #Sushi Go! as a quick card game.  Not brain melting, but fun for a quick fun game.  I do hope to play #Sushi Go Party! at some point.

Yeah 55 for extended family is "small" for me and my family as well.  My dad was 1 of 8 and my mom is 1 of 12.  Family gatherings for my mom's extended family can get close to 150 - 200 people if all of the cousins and their kids show up.  Yes, they end up renting a reception hall/church basement to hold everyone.  Dad's extended family ends up closer to 100 if everyone shows up. 

#Sheriff of Nottingham, #King of Tokyo, #Diamonds, #For Sale, #Citadels: Classic, #Skull, #Camel Up, #Sushi Go Party!, #Just One are games that end to get played (depending on what I bring with me)