Bruxelles 1893 board game
Bruxelles 1893 board game

Bruxelles 1893

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Brussels, 1893: Victor Horta constructs Autrique House and Tassel House, beautiful buildings where the fluidity of space echoes curvilinear botanical forms. In the same year, Paul Hankar erects his own house, incorporating ironwork, mosaics, frescoes, and stained glass windows. The Belgian capital has become the birthplace of an innovative movement that will impress all Europe and impact the greatest architects of the Belle Epoque...

Become one of Europe's most renowned architects and artists at the beginning of the Art Nouveau movement in Bruxelles 1893, a board game of clever auctions and beautiful buildings for two to five players. Over the course of five rounds, you must compete to earn the most victory points by reacting to an ever-changing marketplace. You must dispatch your assistants to create and sell gorgeous works of art, construct soaring buildings, and attend the Royal Theater to secure the patronage of important public figures. Over the years, your works will garner acclaim, but only one player can achieve victory!

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  • Plays like the better Feld games, at least to me. Very nice visual presentation and gameplay to match. Not sure how well it scales, but 3 and 5 player games were enjoyable.
  • A brilliant mash-up of worker-placement and area control mechanics. I love the innovative representation of the starting grid system. Simple but deep.
  • Unnecessarily complex game. It feels like it tries too hard to be a "serious game" and adds complexity for complexity's sake. It is probably a fantastic game for those that care more about the puzzle and the mechanics of a game and appreciate obtuse systems. It clearly wasn't for us.
  • Lots of interlocked mechanisms that work well together. Very interesting to play and some truly agonizing decisions. Rewards both long term planning and short-circuiting those plans as better quick options show up. It also played surprisingly fast. The artwork is great, just like Troyes.
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