Space Base board game
Space Base board game

Space Base

Space Base is a dice game where players draft ships into their Space Base. Every turn, no matter whose turn, players harvest rewards from their Space Base, whether those rewards are an increase in your baseline income, credits for the next turn, influence or some other powerful effect that will lead you to victory. Space Base has you involved and engaged on every player's turn, from the first roll of the dice to the last!

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  • Essential fires any need desire to play Mach Koro. A nice improvement on that system.
  • MUCH better than Machi Koro. The different strategies based on the number of players is neat as well. The engines start very slow but ramp up heavily towards the end of the game
  • April 2020$27.79 cardhaus
  • I like the game, the idea of getting points based on your opponent's dice is good, but I don't like the components and trackers. There are more cards to increase your victory point rather than your income, I don't like this as well.
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#Fort - I like it. The cutesy theme is well executed and goes a long way - there was a lot of banter at the table resulting from the theme and it was a particularly funny playthrough (I play in person with close friends in my covid 'bubble'). In one's first game with any deckbuilder it's difficult to know what to lose and what to keep, so it felt a bit aimless at times, but hopefully that will come with replay. I don't think the decisions are particularly interesting tbh, there's usually one good choice and it plays itself a bit. We had a completely new gamer join us and I felt this struck a good balance between having enough to keep the hobbyists interested while being light enough to explain quickly.

#Space Base - My friend absolutely adores this game and it's probably the 20th time I've played it. I think it's okay and I won't say no to it, but at this point I'm just playing because it makes him happy. I won without thinking at all.

#Too Many Bones - enough superlatives have already been heaped on this game so I'll spare you the gushing, but yeah, I love it. Will definitely be getting an expansion or two on pay day, if they're still in stock.

#The Search for Planet X - I love a sudoku and this game is basically a themed sudoku. I lent it to a couple we know as something light(ish) for them to play as they said they have no games and were bored in lockdown. It surprised me to receive a text saying they tried to learn it and were baffled. I think rules wise it's one of the lightest games I own, but always good to be reminded that most people are starting from scratch.

This list tracks for me. These games typically end up on the table when the player count hits 5 (or a little more):


I watched all kinds of videos for #Raiders of the North Sea and #Architects of the West Kingdom tyring to decide between the two. Ended up getting both :)

Some other match-ups I've known people to compare are:

Though I prefer the gem theme it would be cool if they could get an official retheme.
I think#Space Base would be cool if it were a western or gun/weapon builder! Maybe a fallout theme...


Engine Building is my favorite mechanic. I think certain Deck Builders could be considered an Enginer Builder, but not every Deck Builder is. I think the main reason it isn't an official mechanic on BGG is because the way you build your engine varies between games. Such as tableau building, etc...

I also understand why sometimes people don't like it as much because if you build a really good combo, suddenly your turn can take much longer than other players. That is why #Space Base is one of my favorite ones though because you still get benefits on opponent turns.

Got a decent amount of gaming in this week:

  • #Fort (Tabletop Simulator, multiplayer)  It took us a lot longer to finish it than any of us expected but it was a fun little twist on a deck builder.  Definitely if you like deck builders and want something a bit different this is a good one to play.  I think I'd want further plays before I could nail down exactly how I feel about it.  Part of me says, it's fine but not spectacular but another part says it warrants another look to see if it gets deeper.
  • #Great Western Trail (Tabletop Simulator, multiplayer) Been dying to get this to the table again.  (I own it physically.) Definitely enjoyed it and I already want more plays because I can feel there is some real mastery to be had in this game.
  • #Space Base (Tabletop Simulator, multiplayer) Played this once at the first SHUX with Matt and enjoyed it but it didn't blow me away.  I think I had a bit more fun on the second go around and it clicked a bit better.  My original play was a prototype and I think they might have refined it nicely since then because it did seem to flow better.  

Just the three this week but still a ton of fun!

Beat the last scenario of #Chronicles of Crime and got the expansion #Chronicles of Crime: Noir for my Birthday 

Played #Space Base for the first time and lost to my wife.

Also got to play my favorite racing game #The Quest for El Dorado

Man there’s too many...

I like almost any game with player boards and chunky/custom dice...

#Quantum has these and it’s a great looking game.

#Roll For The Galaxy is amazing in terms of components for these reasons too. Plus the cups and shields are really fun to have.

#Space Base is cool with the evolving player board, however it is very inconvenient to tuck card after card.

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