Evil Corp

2021 · 2-6 Players · 45-120 Minutes
Evil Corp board game
Evil Corp board game

Battle for tech supremacy against your fellow Billionaire CEO's. Win the fight. Own the future.

In Evil Corp you play as one of 6 CEO's who have a technological vision of the future they will stop at nothing to realise.

First you create your R&D Team, then Build your Prototype before you Complete your Killer App. And by Killer, we do mean Killer, there are no CEO plans which don't result in catastrophe for us mere mortals.

In Evil Corp there is only one denomination - Billions. Obviously. And you're going to need a lot of them.

Buy start-ups and hope World Events don’t negatively impact your earning potential.

The world is broken up into 6 markets, so launch start-ups in as many as you can! 

Evil Corp is inherently competitive, but there are moments when you need to collaborate.  

When an enemy is about to launch their Evil Plan, pool your resources and foil them at the last minute with a perfectly-played Agency card. 

What is Evil Corp?

The last time a boardgame was launched which reflected the dominant economic and political mores of it's time, we got Monopoly.

Today, we get Evil Corp.

Designed as both game and social commentary, it's incredibly fun to play, and by the end you might think differently about the role of technology in shaping our cultures and society.



Year Published2021
Number of Players 2-6
Playtime 45-120 Minutes
Minimum Age 13
Developers Alfie Dennen, Allix D'Arcy
Mechanics Alliances, Area Control, Area Majority/ Influence, Automatic Resource Growth, Command Cards, , Deck Building, Dice Rolling, Drafting, Drawing, Dynamic Currency, End Game Bonuses, Hand Management, Income, Market, Once per game ability, Role Playing, Role Selection, , Storytelling, Take That, Variable Player Powers
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