Dixit board game
Dixit board game


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Dixit is a lovingly illustrated game of creative guesswork, where your imagination unlocks the tale!

How to Play:

1. On your turn, as the storyteller, choose a card from your hand and give a clue for it (word, sentence, song, etc.).

2. All other players choose one of their cards that best fits your clue. Shuffle and reveal all chosen cards.

3. All players then secretly guess which card is yours, using the voting tokens. Once all votes are done, the scoring begins!

Winner of the 2010 "Spiel des Jahres" German Board Game of the Year Award.

84 Oversized Image Cards
1 Scoreboard
6 Wooden Rabbits
36 Voting Tokens

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  • This is my mom's favorite game! Also a great game with a dynamic that changes depending on who you play it with. The scoring is well done as the game has one player giving a clue vague enough that a handful of people can guess the clue's relevance against abstract artwork, but not so obvious that everyone guess the correct art, which earns the clue giver nothing. All while other players are trying to subvert the clue giver's clue and deceive people into guessing their own supplied art.Also, the art cards can be used as an art expansion for Mysterium if you own both games.
  • With decks 2, 3 and 4.
  • "Simple" is the first word I think of when I approach this game. It is just so basic in the mechanism that it gives me that "why didn't someone think of this before" feel. Of course, this HAS been thought of before in some fashion (particularly Thingamajig.) But what makes this game so accessible to new players is the awesome artwork. There is so much you can do as a story-teller with these pictures. I should note, though, that it seems playing regularly with the same group might cause the game to quickly grow stale. Since you see every card in the game, you really lose some of that replayability that I would prefer in a party game like this.Initially I thought I wasn't going to like this game at all. It seemed too easy to score points, dragged on a little long for what it is, and resulted in unsurprising close scores. However that was a 4-player game. Now that I've played with 6 I can say that this is almost the default number of players. With the added players you have more options and the scoring becomes less of a sure thing. I'm still not sure if this is a premiere party game, but it is enjoyable for occasional play.
  • Have played this only in an educational setting for children. Quite a challenge to get them to think out of the box and not just say what they 'see'. But they enjoyed, and that's what counts, I guess. Would like to play with some adults so I can really explore some of the more obscure clues and references that only a bit of age and life experience provides.
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This is so tough... some of these I could swap between 2-3 different games at any point!!

1. I would want a mix of solo games (#Legendary: A Marvel Deck Building Game, #The Dresden Files Cooperative Card Game), some games to play with my kids (#My Little Scythe, #Zombie Teenz Evolution) and some that my wife likes (#Mysterium, #Dixit

2. I think #Love Letter: Batman is quite hard to get hold of now, and I haven't seen anyone mention that. I'd also like to get hold of #Bloc by Bloc: The Insurrection Game and that seems to be currently out of print (and hard to find a source for in the UK when it was in print, as I think it's mostly sold directly by the creators).


I dunno, for me I think its easier to play the words version.  Sometimes I can come up with something really good but with the pictures I can never get more than 2 together.  And the pictures are really weird. They're like less psychadelic #Dixit cards

I will second #Codenames for sure. Also a big fan of #Pandemic and #King of Tokyo for this purpose. 

I didn't see these mentioned but for non-gamers we also like #Once Upon a Time: The Storytelling Card Game and #Dixit.  We describe Once Upon a Time as cooperative competitive story telling.  Basically everyone has a hand of cards with story elements on them (castle, princess, potion, etc.) and the group has to tell a story together and play the cards as part of their story.  There are "interrupt" cards where another player seizes control of the story line and then segues it to something where they can use their own cards.  It can get pretty hilarious. 

I know I have a bunch of others since I actually make a point of owning a bunch of games for this purpose but I guess I haven't played them in so long they are eluding me. 

#Dixit is a great abstract game, all about guessing what image each person thinks fits each particular theme - but not making it so obvious everyone gets it. Best played with family or close friends for inside jokes I think, but a brilliant abstract game for any age.

This  past week we played #No Thanks!  Our favorite and most played card games in our collection.  It's simple to learn and involves a bit of push your luck and an interesting timing mechanism on when to take a card you really don't want but the benefit of tokens is just too good not to.

#Unlock! Heroic Adventures We played the arcade one.  It was good.  I like the app and there are moments in this escape style game that are unique to it because of the app.  Overall we like the unlock series quite a bit.  Looking forward to the Star Wars themed one coming out soon.

#Obscurio This is a cool #Dixit#Mysterium style game  where one player uses fantastical pictures to help the other players find their way out of a locked magical library.  We played the 3 player game and so did not have a traitor.  We still had fun with it and won 2 time out of 3 with the third being on hard mode.  The game would absolutely be better with more players and the traitor though. Maybe even with just more players.

Finally we played #Azul with the new crystal mosaic overlay and boards.  The tile pieces fit on the overlay very nicely but I have to say the scoring cube is a little too big and doesn't sit correctly, also the overlay doesn't attach to the player board at all so it slides around a bit, which can be a little annoying.  The new player boards are really what makes this shine.  There is one new board x 4 with 2 different sides, one which has the 5 colored tiled printed once each but with a 2x scoring indicator.  It was fun trying to maximize that double scoring (I got an 18 for scoring 9 points and then doubling - having a full column and all but the last tile in that row). The second side has just 5 color tiles printed on the board but it ups the scoring for columns and rows I believe.  Overall a fun game and the new boards breathe some new life in to it.

I really didn't think I would have so many, as a lot of my games collection is curated to appeal to the four people I can actually play with regularly, which includes a 5-year-old and a 7-year-old. But here's my list:

  1. #Wingspan
  2. #Pandemic
  3. #Carcassonne
  4. #7 Wonders Duel
  5. #Santorini
  6. #Catan
  7. #Kingdomino
  8. #King of Tokyo
  9. #Forbidden Island
  10. #Clank!
  11. #Coup
  12. #Sushi Go!
  13. #Ticket to Ride: Europe
  14. #Dixit
  15. #The Resistance
  16. #Takenoko
  17. #Mysterium
  18. #Stone Age
  19. #Hive
  20. #Magic: The Gathering