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    How about #Monopoly and #Bonfire. As soon as someone shouts "rent" in monopoly, you throw the whole game into a bonfire..... LOL

    Actually, in all seriousnes, I have played #Risk and a classic trick taking game at the same time. You play risk as normal and than play out tricks for conflict. This can actually be sorta fun. The way it worked was, when you started a conflict you would play out tricks until the conflict was resolved. This was years ago, but the way I remember it went something like this:

    • If I win a trick the opponent loses two units.
    • If my opponenet wins a trick I lose two units.
    • If anybody else wins a trick my opponent and I both lose one unit.
    • If I had an an "alliance" with another player, and they won the trick, than my opponent would lose two, and I would lose one. Of course, the reverse is also true.

    Anyways, it was sorta fun, but it did make the game even longer. One advantage was that it kept everybody engaged in in conflict. And, it allowed the other players to have some influence in the conflict.

    I know how you feel! I almost want to message them and ask if I can buy it separately or with the newer expansion. I don't really need all that content for a game I'm not 100% sure we'll like.

    Yes! I've recently picked up #Barrage and am loving it so far. I also have #Lorenzo il Magnifico which we don't play nearly enough as I'd like. Weight wise, #Grand Austria Hotel is between those two right? My fiancée can handle heavier stuff but she's more into board games for the fun factor and she doesn't find thinking fun haha.

    I've seen #Bonfire only in name. It seems to be a little busy I guess would be the word I'd use? I'm much more interested in some other designs of his. I really wanted to back the recent City Collection by Queen Games but I couldn't bring myself to dropping that much on an unfinished game. Have you played any other games by him?

    Yeah I was considering jumping in via that KS but it's so lame you have to do $130 minimum to get the base game! Especially when it's a hard one to find.

    Yes, you should try #Grand Austria Hotel at some point! Have you played any other games that Luciani worked on?


    Also, as a Castles of Burgundy fan, have you seen much about Feld's new game #Bonfire? It looks heavier than Castles for sure but really great.


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