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Karuba board game


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  • The players carefully select two path cards from their hand and try to outwit the other players. The person with the lowest sum loses a card. They then use the cards to create a network of pathways to connect their adventurers with the temples. Who will best guide their adventurers through the jungle? At the end the winner is the player who collects the most points with valuable treasure and temples.

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    • This is a fun game, I won't say no to playing it, but it won't be in my top 10 choices.
    • Short and simple tile laying game. Everyone has the same puzzle to solve, but solutions usually are very different - Up until people figure out that building along the edges of the board can be quite an effective approach. The game doesn't hold up to a huge amount of plays, but is an OK diversion, especially to be played with young children.
    • Great game, amazing how the map comes together at the end. Fun to play with my inlaws.
    • What a clever gmae. Super simple to setup and learn, but with meaningful decisions and a little luck involved. The fact that all players have the same puzzle to solve in their own way makes this a very interesting race game!
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    • #Bus at 4-players. It worked great! You can see the ramifications of your idiotic moves right away. It is also very elegant!
    • #The Estates finally got this to the table with 4 players and I loved it. One guy tried to buy into companies but got shut out and went for the "mess with people" strategy and almost won by embezzling a bunch! I love the fluidity of the game, the semi-cooperation, and the grit. 
    • #Karuba (seems like every week we play this now)
    • #Codenames: Duet (a favorite for double dates now)
    • #Sequence (by far my wife's favorite game)

    We have played #The Castles of Burgundy and she liked it, I am hoping that that becomes a favorite of ours as we play it more!

    I mentioned this in my MOX write up but I played EverdellWelcome to... twice, Karuba,  and Morels.

    I have been playing Sprawlopolis quite a bit as well! It has been a good week!

    Karuba is the game that comes to mind, I had never heard of it until this last weekend and it is supremely fun! give it a look if you have not heard of it. 


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