Hey Robot

2020 Β· 2-20 Players Β· 15-30 Minutes
Hey Robot board game
Hey Robot board game

Hey Robot is a party game where two teams compete to get a smart speaker (like Alexa or Google Home) to say specific words. It can be played by any group size, from 2 players to as many as you can fit around a table.

You start the game by laying out a 4x4 grid of word cards. Cards have a point value from 1 to 3. Teams take turns trying to capture one of the cards by asking the speaker a single question, without using any form of the word on the card. If the speaker says the word in its response, the team captures that card and scores the points.

Whenever a team misses with their question, they must add a bonus point token to the card, increasing its value. Whenever a team captures a card, they add a bonus point token to any of the cards next to the captured card. The first team to score 16 points wins the game.

Hey Robot rewards general knowledge, linguistic dexterity, and the ability to reverse-engineer the algorithms that power the smart devices we've brought into our homes. It's the first board game designed for humans and AI to play together.

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Year Published2020
Number of Players 2-20
Playtime 15-30 Minutes
Minimum Age 9
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