Genoa board game
Genoa board game


This is a reprint of the classic Traders of Genoa. It has a larger box and completely new graphics, but the important elements of gameplay remain the same. This is a game of trading, wares, and negotiation. The players take the roles of traders in Genoa in the 16th century. They fulfill orders, deliver messages, and take ownership of buildings in the city. Of course, this is not possible without the help of the other traders - thus, the need for clever negotiation. And that can cost money and other valuable goods! The player who earns the most in the game is the winner!

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  • My feelings are still mixed on this one after a few games. On one hand I find the game quite long and repetitive for what it is. Luck, both with regards to the start-of-turn dice rolls, and the "will your opponents be persuaded by your offers" kind of luck plays a big part, so I personally find it hard to formulate any kind of coherent strategy. It is of course also a hard-core negotiation game, and while this in itself isn't a negative thing, it's something I am not as fond of as I used to be...That being said, the game does have a lot going for it, IMHO: I like the whole "setting" of the game, ie. trading to make money in a historical context, the fact that there are multiple ways of getting income, and the host of various abilities the buildings and special cards give you are all very well thought out.Personally I think I would enjoy this more if it had a shorter playing time and less negotiation.
  • Conceptually I like the idea behind the game, but in practice it goes on the list of games to avoid with certain types of players.
  • --Jan2008-- Looked amazing after one play - but I really have no idea how to rate it as a game. To make it more explicit, I think that my enjoyment of the game is predicated entirely on the other players: a good group would provide a 9-experience, while a less ideal group could easily give me a 4. Do I rate it a 6.5 for the mean of the two? And given that it's more than three years since I last played, do I drop it another point for its inability to get reliably to the table?--Jul2010-- Traded away.
  • I usually like negotiation games, but this one drags a bit. I was not to high upon the mechanics of this one, though it does have some merit.I think this is eclipsed in my mind by some other, more pure negotiation games that can offer the same amount of fun in the timespan. (read "Princes of the Renaissance").Or if you want the tactical feeling of the tower movement, Look at "Goa". If you want the pure Negotiation Feeling, Look at "I'm the Boss". All of these seem to take the place of this game for me. And there is no reason I would ever want to play this one again.

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Nice one, but are you sure you don't mean #Genoa or any other "trading in the Mediterranean" game? LOL


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