Fief: France 1429 – Expansions Pack board game
Fief: France 1429 – Expansions Pack board game


Includes 5 expansions.

The Fief Tactics Expansion adds four new types of Troops. These Troops can increase your defensive capabilities, give you extra initial firepower, or add special protections. Included: 18 Archers, 18 Bombards, 5 Mercenaries, 7 Royal Guards.

With the Crusades Expansion, a Player's family members will leave France on Crusades to the Outremer. Once they arrive, they will fight the Saracens for the Outremer Titles, cities, and riches of the Kingdom of Jerusalem, Kingdom of Cyprus, County of Tripoli, Principality of Antioch, and County of Edessa. Included: 1 Outremer Map, 1 Call to Crusade marker, 12 Outremer Objectives counters, 1 Saladin counter, 4 Saracen Knights counters, 20 Saracen Fighters counters, 5 Renegade markers, 12 On Crusade markers, and 6 Hierarchy markers.

The Order of the Teutonic Knights, founded in 1190, established hospitals in the Crusader States to aid pilgrims traveling to the Holy Land. The Order of Teutonic Knights Expansion can help you increase your military power. This route can be difficult and expensive, but few armies will be able to resist the power of the Teutonic Knights! Included: 1 Teutonic Knight Grand Master title, 4 Teutonic Knight titles, 24 Teutonic Knight Troop counters, 5 Teutonic Stronghold/Fortified City counters.

The Knights Templar Order was a religious and military order founded on January 13, 1129, with the mission to protect crusading pilgrims. The Templars grew rapidly, becoming a significant financial power by transporting and lending money. They were a precursor of the modern banking system. Included: 1 Templar Grand Master counter, 4 Templar counters, 1 Royal Edict, 4 Templar Knight Troops, 5 Commandery Building counters.

The Politics Expansion includes family Attendants that give each family a special ability. Also included are Noble Attribute cards that give each Lord in a family a special attribute. Includes: 6 Attendants, 21 Noble Attribute cards.

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