Illusion board game
Illusion board game


Can you trust your eyes? Is that actually what you see? Illusion is a raucous good time in which perception is everything and players must use a keen eye to decide what is reality and what is illusion in order to win. Who has the right perspective not to be fooled?

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  • I'd rather be playing Timeline.
  • At Work
  • This is my number one filler game and also party game now, along with The Mind. It is so clever and plays so quickly - and everybody (non-gamers and gamers) can start playing it right away.
  • donated to De Camp 18-05-2019
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Haven't played #Sagrada yet. Really like #Illusion. Such a fun, light, clever game!

Short answer - no lol.

Longer answer - it depends. They have minimum spends. Some people are waaay more generous than others. This person appears to be one of those. I will say for whatever it's worth that#Sagrada, the expansions for it, and#Illusion are the only games in shrink (unless you count the playing cards lol). The rest are used though they all appear to be barely played if at all. 

I actually was a little more generous this year than I was last year because I had extra money from my giveaway wins. I was going to make a post about what I got my various Secret Santa targets. Could still if anyone's interested.

Card games aren't my best category, but I just tried #Truffle Shuffle at a friend's house and it was really good!  My wife loves card games, so I'll follow this thread, but some others we have that we like are #Biblios, #Diamonds, #Skull King, #Illusion, #Sprawlopolis, #6 Nimmt!, #No Thanks!, #Lost Cities, #7 Wonders Duel and just got #Jaipur.  

#Azul or any of its sequels...



#Lanterns: The Harvest Festival


#No Thanks!


Those are all games we enjoy that are in the gateway ish catagory and I believe all of them are language independent...some have numbers...




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