Mazing board game
Mazing board game


Mazing is an all new 2-4 player strategy board game where your goal is to get from one corner of the board to the other. Your opponents will try to stop your progress by building and destroying the very walls that surround you and guide your path. If you can navigate this ever-changing landscape and be the first to your home base, you win!

This game is highly strategic and offers new and exciting strategies each time you gather with your family and friends.

We loved making and testing Mazing for you and we sincerely hope you have a great time playing it too. Let the games begin!

What Makes Mazing Unique?

Variability: The game play is never the same twice and alliances are always changing based on your competitors movements

Easy To Learn and Play: Well suited for a wide range of ages

Strong Game Mechanics: Equal parts strategy and chance

Strategy: Right when you think the game is over, a well-executed plan could change everything

Maze Cards

When played, these maze cards allow the player to place barrier tokens anywhere on the board matching the shape on the card. These tokens act as barrier walls that create the maze that each player needs to navigate to win.

Action Cards

Buster: Remove 1 barrier wall token from anywhere on the board.

Double Buster: Remove 2 touching barrier wall tokens from the board.

Leap: Jump over one 1 barrier wall token.

  • Count barrier wall tokens as one space.
  • Players are not allowed to land on a barrier wall token but are always required to move their pawn the full number of spaces that are rolled.

Double Leap: Jump 2 touching barrier tokens.

Lose A Turn: Choose any player to lose their next turn.

—description from the publisher

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