Murano board game
The game board depicts the islands of Murano, with the islands being divided up into building sites and walkways. Surrounding the islands is a series of action spaces, with gondolas being present in some number of them at the start of play. On a turn, you move one of the gondolas in the direction of play to an empty space, then take the action shown there. You can't pass another gondola while moving or land in an occupied space, but for a coin you can move a gondola that's in front of the gondola you want to move, and you can pay to move multiple gondolas, if needed.

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  • The mechanics in games designed by the Brands are (generally) stuff you've seen many times before; but it's the innovative way they make use of the tried-and-true mechanics that make their games so delightful. It's like they say, "We've seen this mechanic in other games, and we like it. Now, let's make it even better!"The mechanic they re-design in this game is the rondel; and in Murano it essentially IS the game. But they've taken that creaky old wheel and made it into (with the exception of the first several turns) an agonizingly tense game! So nervous was I about my plans being thwarted that I was still trembling (I kid you not!) ten minutes after I had played my first game of Murano! Although a lot of the player interaction is "unintentional" (due to the hidden goals players have), much interaction there is, nevertheless: you need to keep an eye on which islands your opponents are focusing and either a) avoid working there, or b) take steps to ensure that your goals can be achieved there before your opponents make it impossible. The randomness of a player's victory goals ensures a lot of replayability. There's even an element of "where are the noobs seated?" to throw monkey wrenches into things! A wonderful game which can be played in little more than an hour!Negatives? The board and bits are rather drab, which doesn't bring to life the non-existent theme. Yes, there's all kinds of thematic, Venetian "stuff" in the game: but none of it ties in very well with the mechanics. Nevertheless, Murano has got to be my favourite game-with-a-pasted-on-theme of all time!
  • rating based on 1st game, which was allright.
  • Unique action selection mechanism utilizing a rondel with shared movement. End game scoring is where majority of the points come from and that is determined by cards which help shape strategy. Hard to tell who is going to win which prevents leader bashing. Unintentional screwage as people go for goals on the same island.
  • (11/17) 7. A really pretty game with a very cool rondelle mechanic. The secret end game scoring is also interesting as you can try to suss out what your opponents are going after and try to block. Just very well put together.

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