Bohnanza board game
Bohnanza board game


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This great card game is about planting, trading, and selling beans - 11 kinds of beans (this English version includes all the cards from the original game and the first expansion).

Players try to collect large sets of beans to sell for gold. There is limited growing space and always new beans to plant. To avoid planting unwanted beans, players trade them to other players who want them for their bean fields.

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  • Verkocht via facebook
  • A very entertaining card game. The rule keeping you from sorting your hand is so contrary to the rules in any other card game that it can be a challenge to remember, but it really makes the game work. We usually play this game as a kind game where there is a lot of donations and fair trades, but it can be ratcheted up so that you are a bit more cut-throatThis was one of our first games and it has had a place in our collection for years. We always pull this game out when we want some comfort gaming with our family. And really that's the perfect audience for this game, you want to play with families and non-gamers. The strategy isn't high, but the fun is.
  • A clever little system whereby you must plant your top card and may not reorganise your hand. I can see the game falling flat though, if you don't have a group that enjoys open auction style games (not being a massive fan of them myself).
  • Bought: December 201015 - 13 - 1, L1My Review: A Year With Bohnanza
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I had a very busy weekend. This pandemic makes me play mostly online... I don't complain, I still get to play but I really miss the real face 2 face game nights... So, I got to play with my non-gamers friends #Sushi Go Party! and #Bohnanza.

I am a fan of heavy games, but being able to play with friends and laughing with them in my living room, definitively is some worth to repeat!!

yeah if you like those, youd like #Bohnanza!

#Bohnanza is great.  I highly recommend especially if you like negation/trading games.  My boys usually drive my BIL nuts cause they will just give away the cards from their hands that don't fit their fields what they want to do.  Drives him nuts, but they usually score pretty well cause they are maximizing each of their fields.  We never play just one game.

Silver and Gold is great! It's becoming one of our go to's when we want to play something but don't want to have it be too heavy. Always wanted to try #Bohnanza too. Just never got around to it

I second #Diamonds and #6 Nimmt! 

I would also recommend:

  1. #The Fox in the Forest
  2. #Bohnanza
  3. #Silver & Gold
  4. #Arboretum
  5. #High Society
  6. #Point Salad
  7. #For Sale
  8. #Love Letter
  9. #The Mind
  10. #12 Days
  11. #Sushi Go Party!
  12. #The Crew: The Quest for Planet Nine (Maybe an Honorable Mention - depending on how you want to count the component list)

As you can see I love card games ;)

We played #Margraves of Valeria for game night and it was a lot of fun. It was the first Valeria title I had played, but I was quite impressed and would love to play it again.

Also played more #Unfair (with the #Unfair Expansion: Alien B-movie Dinosaur Western expansion) and #Bohnanza.