King of Tokyo: Power Up board game
King of Tokyo: Power Up board game

King of Tokyo: Power Up

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Life in Tokyo just got a little more dangerous! A new monster has arrived in town: meet the incredible Pandakaï!

Each monster now has its own unique set of evolution cards which can be acquired during play. Some of these evolutions are discarded when played, others are kept like the "Keep" cards in the base game. All evolutions can be kept secret once drawn and are revealed only when played.

Includes Evolution cards for Kraken and Cyber Bunny.

Power Up! is an expansion for the King of Tokyo board game. A copy of the King of Tokyo board game is required to play.

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  • Inside Main game box
  • Won't play KoT without this expansion.
  • Excellent and brings needed depth to an otherwise good, but simple game.
  • This really takes King of Tokyo to the next level for me, and now I can't play the base game without it.
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ooh I like this topic! I think I've really only played #Dune and #Root where you could be considered a faction with special abilities. Things like #King of Tokyo: Power Up add some variable player powers, but it doesn't change up your gameplay too much. #Scythe is kind of the same way, as are plenty of other games which give you mildly variable player powers.

So out of all the factions I've played, it's got to be a tie between the Firemen and the Bene Gesserit in #Dune. If you're playing the "advanced" rules of the game, both of these factions get big boosts over their abilities in the basic rules, in which they're kind of weak. 

In the advanced rules, whenever you are fighting a battle, you must pay spice to have your soldiers fight at full strength, otherwise they fight at half strength. Not so with the Fremen. They are the strongest fighters in the Imperium, their soldiers do not require spice to count at full strength. Fighting against the Fremen is very expensive. In addition to this, since they know the planet so well, they know how far the storm will move and can use that information accordingly. But possibly the coolest ability that doesn't come up as often is that they get to ride the sandworms! Under certain conditions, when a Shai Hulud card is revealed during the spice blow, they can ride it and control where it goes!

As for the Bene Gesserit, they are sort of the puppet masters of the Imperium. These sneaky witches don't start with much of a presence on the board, but they can act as "spiritual advisors" and ship down to the planet along with any of the other factions forces, slowly building up a presence across the board. They can make use of "The Voice" in battle, which makes them scary to fight, and their allies can benefit from that as well. The most fun ability of theirs, in my opinion, is their special win condition. Before the game, they will predict a winner and a round, and if that faction wins the game in the predicted round, the Bene Gesserit steal the victory, as they are trying to manipulate the Imperium for their own purposes.

What? Me? I'm completely surprised (and fairly new here)! 

Thank you!!! And congrats to @marshwiggle92 and @cbrady748!

I think cbrady748 is partly to thank/blame (depending on which side of this giveaway you were on) for my winning.  I sure enjoyed some of the comments we shared back and forth on one of the posts.  (Nice to meet you, by the way!)

What am I going to get? That's a good question I wasn't expecting to answer.  I might get #Point Salad (I think my wife might like that one), #Draftosaurus (looks like a fun game involving my ancient ancestors), or #Harry Potter: Hogwarts Battle – The Charms and Potions Expansion (we're really enjoying the base game! [Has anyone beat year 5?]).  Those would all be Christmas presents for the family.  I also have my eye on #Scythe (totally for my solo play or a future game night-too heavy for the family) or possibly #Everdell or #Root (thanks for the feedback, everyone!). #King of Tokyo: Power Up might be an option, too (I just received KofT as a birthday present!).  I'll let you all know what I end up with.

Once again, a big thank you!!!


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