Brewin' USA board game

Brewin' USA is a light weight strategy game dubbed the "Board Game for the Craft Beer Lover" great for families, adults, and couples. Your goal is to brew great craft beer and take over the USA!

Players command a tabletop brewery during the start of the craft beer revolution and compete to launch a boisterous line of craft beer that will win the heart of the USA market. Players use grain, hops, water, and yeast to brew their microbrew and then must execute their strategy choosing where in the USA to compete with their suds. However, the competition is fierce and each brew master will fight to maintain control of the surging demand for craft beer in the USA. Brew Crafters will challenge each other to Brew Fests to secure their fame as the best Brewery and Brew Master in the land.

Brewin' USA is a quick to learn strategy euro game that will make it to your tabletop because it's about craft beer and plays in under 60 minutes! The play revolves around Beer Coasters delivering new twists on fun mechanisms and components including 105 Bottle caps to be used for both money and victory points. With 79 different beer cards all featuring large breweries to small brewpubs, you'll be sure to recognize an ale or lager you've tried. The player interaction comes from the Brew Fest event in the game, which ramps us as the market gets crowded.

This Brewin' USA is an indie board game brought to life via Kickstarter and was a sell out hit at GenCon 2016. It can even be customized by adding your favorite brewery bottle caps as your player tokens making this game a great gift idea for any home-brew hobbyist. Make sure to BYOB because there is an "optional strategic drinking rule" where the more you drink the richer you get! Come check out all the craft beer culture and Americana love that we poured into this 64 fl. oz serving of board game.

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  • Kickstarter Project - Backed: 03/20/2015 - Funded: 03/20/2015 - Pledge Level: Pledge $45 or more: ""==THE GAME tier One copy of Brewin' USA and all Stretch Goals. Free shipping to US. est MSRP $55" - Payment: $45 - Survey: - Projected Delivery: 12/2015 - Shipped: Status: DELIVERED

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