Kolejka board game
Kolejka board game


Kolejka is a board game illustrating the reality of daily life in the declining years of Poland's communist government. At first glance, your task as a player seems simple: you must send your family to stores and buy all the products on your shopping list. But the problem is that the shelves in the five nearby stores are empty. Players place their pawns in queues, not knowing which stores will receive products. The tension rises when product cards are exposed, and it turns out that there will be only enough goods for the lucky few standing closest to the store's door. People start shoving ahead, as everyone wants to be first. To push through the queue, players use queuing cards, such as "Mother carrying small child", "This was not your place, sir", "Under-the-counter merchandise". Players must also beware of "Closed for stocktaking", "Delivery error", and the black pawns standing in each queue - speculators. Only those who play their queuing cards most effectively will return home with successfully purchased products.

The product cards represent sixty original objects from the communist era. The neighborhood also has an outdoor market where you can buy anything, but at a high price... unless you manage to get a good deal from the trader. In this realistic board game, you must think on your feet to gain the coveted goods. Kolejka is a true lesson in history with a touch of cynical humor. Do you have the courage to face the reality of Poland in the 1980s?

Contents: game board delivery truck board 30 pawns in 6 colors (5 of each color) 50 queuing cards in 5 colors (10 of each color) 5 shopping list cards 60 product cards in 5 colors (12 of each color) 15 product delivery cards in 5 colors (3 of each color) 5 player assistance cards in 5 colors (1 of each color) 1 game opening marker 1 market trader marker booklet with instructions and historical information.

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  • --Feb2013-- Strange Kafkaesque game of lining up to acquire a set of rather strangely banal goods. With some inter-player screwage. It's an odd mix of historically educational, light, and disturbing. I'm very happy to have played, but don't know that I'll try too hard to repeat the experience.
  • Absolutely fun game. It was great to watch those speculator meeples creeping up from the back of the queue - and worrying that they might get that bar of soap before me. We've played this one more than any other game in the collection.
  • I like the game alright, and the social commentary that it creates is interesting. I'll play it if I'm in the right mood or the timing is right. It does play fairly easily, and is basically easy to teach. A bit of luck in the hose your fellow player round, and just a fight to get the relatively few items that actually come to market.Seems to be 5 player only, as it just feels to free with less. It's an alright game, but I don't think it's great.
  • Bizarre theme of queuing in line to get household items. Having a small selection of possible cards to manipulate queues each round brings in strategy, but not knowing what your opponents will do leads to some 'randomness'

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