Harry Potter: Hogwarts Battle board game
Harry Potter: Hogwarts Battle board game

Harry Potter: Hogwarts Battle

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The forces of evil are threatening to overrun Hogwarts castle in this new cooperative game! It is up to four students to ensure the safety of the school by defeating villains and consolidating their defenses. Players take on the role of a Hogwarts student: Harry, Ron, Hermione or Neville, each with his or her own personal deck of cards.

To secure the castle from the forces of evil the students must work together to build more powerful decks using iconic Wizarding World characters, spells, and items. Defeat all the villains including He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named and win the game!

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  • Really enjoyed this game with my family. We played this through over about 1 month leaving it set up on our table. Only complaint is that the game just gets longer and more complicated without any mechanics to mitigate. First game took us about 60 minutes. Final game took about 3 hrs split over several sessions.
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  • If you're a fan of the Wizarding World, this is a MUST. Unfortunately, at the end of the campaign, the market is far too large and unmanageable. Not the best experience.
  • Played Year Through 2Theme is strong and I like how the characters you play Age/level up as the years progress.There is luck to the game and some "sameness," as dark arts cards, villain cards, and objectives (defeat all villains) get recycled from Year to Year. Simple to play and it is a game that I can play with daughters (ages: 12, 10, & 7) can all play, understand, and take actions on their own with little to no help from me.
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I enjoy so many games in my collection, but the one(s) I'm most thankful for are because of the memories and good times playing them.

#Chess My grandfather taught me when I was 10-13. He always started with the exact same 3 games, the first a checkmate in 3 moves. My grandparents helped us move from Oregon to Utah after my dad passed away, and we played about 10 games of chess those two weeks together. I was just shy of 14 and I won my first game against him fair and square. It caught him off-guard as he would have checkmated me in two moves and he didn't see it coming. I won two more times. I later taught my son how to play chess as a young boy scout. He still likes the game.

#Rack-O and #Rook were two of my mom's favorite games.  I have both of them and played Rack-O last week with my wife.  I haven't played Rook in years.

#6 Nimmt! (although we have the French version of it) was given to us by our French exchange student two years ago.  It's a family favorite, and we take it on trips with us and teach new people. (Even played it on a Mexican cruise!) Funny story-while translating the rules for us, he discovered his family had been playing it wrong-they had adapted it for his four-year-old sister.  He enjoyed much more once he started playing it correctly.

#Harry Potter: Hogwarts Battle My niece gave this to me for babysitting her 3 year-old daughter one weekend so she could attend a women's conference with my wife.  It's been great for the whole family and we have a lot of fun with it.

Every year I buy a game for the family. Last year it was#Kingdomino. The year before that it was#Catan: Junior. And then we try to play a game sometime during the day. This year I'm going to grab#Harry Potter: Hogwarts Battle. Hope it goes well!

This is a relatively new tradition (obviously) but it's been fun so far. As a kid growing up I don't have any specific holiday board game traditions unfortunately. 

Have you ever played or seen #Harry Potter: Hogwarts Battle?  Its sort of like that except a little more complicated and I don't think there's a deckbuilding element to it.  I think the decks are set at the beginning of each mission. 

I've had success introducing non-gamers to #Harry Potter: Hogwarts Battle and #Disney: The Haunted Mansion - Call of the Spirits Game. Both are fun, easy to learn, and are well liked-even for non-hardcore HP fans.  Next on my list would be #Splendor, #Century: Spice Road and #Azul.

If I was starting over I would want to make sure I have different strategy levels covered for best variety and versatility.

Heavy(ish) - #Puerto Rico ($35)

Medium(ish) - #Wingspan ($60)

Gateway - #Carcassonne ($35)

Party - #Codenames ($15)

Co-op - #Harry Potter: Hogwarts Battle ($50). Added bonus of deck building mechanism here too. 

I’d want to finish things off with a standard deck of cards too!

We really like #Dominion: Second Edition and have #Dominion: Intrigue (Second Edition). Dominion started us into board gaming as a hobby. I've now bought the #Century: Spice Road trilogy, and one of our all-time favorites is #Harry Potter: Hogwarts Battle.  Everyone loves that game, even though we've attempted year 5 half a dozen times and not won. I also like #Terraforming Mars which I've only played by myself-still hoping to find someone to play it with.

It's a mechanic I like, and will continue to look for deck builders with and without playing off boards.

I can get them to play #Ticket to Ride: Europe, #Century: Spice Road#Pandemic, #Sushi Go Party! and #Harry Potter: Hogwarts Battle and #6 Nimmt! fairly easily.  My wife also likes #Splendor #Azul and #Alhambra. I'm always up for a game, my wife occasionally, and my son not so much. I'm hoping to get more game play with #Cartographers: A Roll Player Tale, #Istanbul: The Dice Game, and #The Quacks of Quedlinburg.


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