Between Two Cities board game
Between Two Cities board game

Between Two Cities

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Between Two Cities is a partnership-driven, tile-drafting, city-building game for 1-7 players that plays in about 20-25 minutes. You work with the player on your left to build one city center while simultaneously working with the player on your right to build a second city center. At the end of the game, your final score is that of the lower scoring city you helped to build, so you have to share your attention and devotion equally between two cities.

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  • It fully understands the potential of drafting as an interactive thing-- one of the most common questions in a game of BTC is "we're passing left, yeah?" because you want to be certain you're handing your partner a hand that will turn out more favorable for their city on your side. The semi cooperative tile placement is a blast. Not super deep beyond that, but full of interesting decisions and light enough to play a few times in a night and not cut heavily into the time other games need.
  • Play tested this game. Great, fast tile laying game with very interesting cooperative mechanic. This is a mash up of my favorite parts of Suburbia and 7 Wonders with out any of the fat. Supports 1-7 players and the 7 player game takes the same time as the 3 player. Everyone I played with liked it and wanted to play "just one more game!"
  • Fast and fun. While there is some strategy involved, it's very light strategy. Much of the game boils down to luck of the draw.
  • I play this game often with "non-board-game-hobby" (people who like the occasional board or card game) and they love playing it. its simple to teach and play. the game moves quickly. And always makes you think about interesting combos.
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This list tracks for me. These games typically end up on the table when the player count hits 5 (or a little more):


#Between Two Cities - I really like the game, but after picking up #Between Two Castles of Mad King Ludwig I didn't feel like I needed both in my collection, so I gave the former to a friend.


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