Silicon Saga: Wreck of the Andromeda board game
Silicon Saga: Wreck of the Andromeda board game


Silicon Saga: Wreck of the Andromeda is a sci-fi dungeon crawl/exploration game set aboard the floating wreck of a space research station. Players take on the roles of members of a crew of space marauders looking to strip the station of valuable resources. Unfortunately, the station is not quite as abandoned as they had hoped. They will be faced with lurking dangers and struggling survivors. The goal of the game is to collect a determined amount of silicon from the ship and return to the hanger with the silicon before the game ends. There are variable play modes which allow players to compete against each other or to play cooperatively.

The game is played on square tiles with players drawing and placing tiles as they explore the ship. Players move and interact by playing cards. The game is broken into rounds with each player drawing a number of cards and performing a number of action during the round. Players take turns, performing actions one at a time. They have a chance to add new cards to their deck or hand each round or to gain additional actions.

While exploring the Andromeda, players will find resources such as crafting components, ammo, food and their true goal, silicon. They may also find survivors, dangerous threats or face random events. Interaction with survivors or threats are handled through a chit-pull system. Each player has a bag and a set of different markers, each with a different effect. Throughout the game, the cards they play will have them add markers to their bag to form a pool. When interacting with entities, they can play cards that let them draw markers from the pool in an attempt to cause different effects. Players may face hostile encounters or peaceful encounters. Each marker type has a different effect depending on the type of encounter.

In addition to interacting with entities encountered onboard, players can interact with one another. They can steal from or sabotage other players to take or force them drop any carried silicon.

Silicon Saga can be played by a group or by a single player. For solo play, the game can be played using the base game mode. The rules will also include additional solo player challenges.

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