On Mars board game
On Mars board game

On Mars

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In 2025, the first settlers arrived on Mars! The base camp was already settled and now, during the next 50 years, a group of very brave people from private space exploration companies are establishing a major colony ruled by a terrestrial organization, the OMDE (Organization for Mars Development and Exploration).
As a chief astronaut from a private space exploration company, you want to be a pioneer in developing the biggest, most advanced colony on Mars, achieving the OMDE mission goals as well as your company’s hidden agenda.
By bringing in and managing settlers, you’ll be able to explore, mine, build, power, and upgrade buildings.
You will lead the construction and assembly of greenhouse farms, water compounds, O₂ factories, power generators and Mines.

“The goal of the humanity in this new planet is to learn how to value water, air and the the things we need to live more than money.”

And in the end, become a self-sufficient colony independent of any terrestrial organization.
Do you dare to take part in mankind’s next biggest conquest?
Grab a piece of it by yourself!

The game is played in turns using different phases:

  • Players decide which OMDE goals will be part of the game, how the new settlers from earth will be distributed through the different colonies, and which community buildings and materials Earth needs to authorize and provide.
  • Players will have available to everyone a limited set of actions they can take in their turn and the raw materials sent from Earth.
  • In turn order, players take one action, but they need to plan carefully; builds consume power and a second building may not be placed before a generator is upgraded.
  • Last, all the Colony parameters are adjusted.

Actions may be: to build buildings, rovers or ships; to produce; to buy or sell resources; to explore; and to research.

Actions take the form of worker placement, cards in buildings, scientists tokens, or tech tiles.

All actions have an energy cost, so upgrading the generators and the existing power grid is very important. At the same time, most of the buildings need Ore to be built, plus energy, people, and O₂ to run. Settlers need food, water, and shelter to be able to survive.

Food, water, and O₂ needs to be stored. If you can’t store enough resources, the population will not grow.

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  • This game makes you feel like you are building in mars and improving things while being competitive. Lots of choices, so analysis paralysis is quite common, but if you focus on scoring you should be fine. This is one of the heaviest games I know, but it is beautiful. Highly Recommend!
  • ordered another copy now! - Lost my copy in the horrifying bag incident of 2020.
  • Well, I've played it once and I now understand this quote from "No Pun Included". It is not complex in terms of rules. Everything feels smooth and makes sense. It is complex in terms of how this games mechanisms are interlocked. This is my first Lacerda and I usually don't play heavy euros. Keeping that in mind I think it's worth playing!!
  • Haven't Played Yet.
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What I need is more people to play with. COVID not really helping getting the games on the table.

Overall, my collection is still starting and I need one heavy weights like #Eclipse: Second Dawn for the Galaxy or #On Mars. Holding off spending for a while til things settle more.

So Kickstarters that only deliver in 2022 don't count for the 2022 budget, but then in 2022 they also don't count for the 2022 budget because you paid for them in 2021. 

I like the strategy! Might try to employ it at my home because of #Endless Winter: Paleoamericans and #Nemesis Lockdown =)

I almost caved in for #On Mars but had the willpower not to buy it. However, #Eclipse: Second Dawn for the Galaxy might be an issue. I am really interested in it... Let's see if I can wait and buy it later in the future

I think i've mentioned before, I love #On Mars - but damn, I seem to get crushed everytime.

def would agree with that. #On Mars looks incredible

What games am I looking forward to that will mix up my Top 10? #On Mars and#Leaving Earth are two games that I'm looking at for Christmas and I can't wait to play them. I know I'll love them both. Where they will end up is to be determined but I'm excited to find out. 

1.#On Mars

2.#Leaving Earth



Im on a bit of a space theme kick right now. 

Yup. I like the theme better in#On Mars.

#On Mars is VERY high on my wishlist. 

I love #On Mars - but get destroyed almost everytime. #Azul and #Azul: Summer Pavilion are really fun, but everyone seems to have a better grasp of it than me!!!

Thanks for the second review! I have been wanting a Lacerda for a long time. The one I picked is#On Mars and I should get it for Christmas. Very much looking forward to playing it.  

I think I agree with these choices.  I haven't had a chance to play #On Mars but I like the designer and while it's not on my list it's a game I'd love to play someday.  I think #Gloomhaven: Jaws of the Lion might end up winning if the award was given today.  It is a great adaptation of the base game without losing anything and appealing to both experienced players and newcomers alike.  I plan to get #Raiders of Scythia and #Viscounts of the West Kingdom is backed and coming later this year.  As much as I love the series I just don't see these winning any game of the year awards.  

I've got #On Mars which tries to hint at the oxygen>life cycle, #Kepler-3042, #Terraforming Mars, and #Gaia Project, plus a couple games based on the Apollo Missions that are both kinda sciency. 

All my other space games are just space exploration or battle I suppose.

Worth it?