Stone Age board game
Stone Age board game

Stone Age

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Your family is fed. You have a roof over your head. You've succeed in building a civilization
that will prosper for eternity. But have you seen the latest fashion?

- Use jewelry to buy powerful new buildings and stock up on Civilization cards.
- Improve the value of your jewelry and resources with this new actions.

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    6/25/11 We didn't have enough time to give this one a try the last time we played games, but we will be playing this one within the next week or two!7/2/11 Wow, this game is a lot of fun!
  • Extremely fun game with lots of different avenues to pursue as you try to gain points, feed your tribe, and increase your population. While acquiring resources to gain points and items.
  • Liking it so far, I've a feeling it might ease off a bit with more plays.
  • Fairly straighforward gameplay in this game, because the actions tend to make some thematic sense. It has several paths to victory, which I love. Occasionally one person can get hosed by bad die rolls, but overall it's a quality game that does a good job of mitigating the luck factor. New players often overlook how significant the endgame scoring can be, but they will learn quickly after the first game.The big problem I have with this game is the length. Things tend to get a little repetitive and the game goes on for a very long time especially with 4 players. This is made even worse if any of the players suffer from analysis-paralysis, as they can lock up every single time they are supposed to place workers on the board. I want to love this game, and my family wanted to love it as well, but the length just outlasts the fun. For the first hour it tends to be a really enjoyable game, but at that point I suddenly find myself wishing the game would just end. I'll play again if asked, but I'm not going to seek out opportunities to play.
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Alright here goes nothing..for simplicity sake, I left off the one's I've played either no games from or games that I didn't particularly enjoy.

Ted Alspach - #Suburbia

Antoine Bauza - #7 Wonders Duel

Bernd Brunnhofer - #Stone Age

Bruno Cathala - #Kingdomino

John D. Clair - #Mystic Vale

Rüdiger Dorn - #Karuba

Steve Finn - #Biblios

Stephan Feld - #The Castles of Burgundy

Friedemann Friese - #Fabled Fruit

Jacob Fryxelius - #Terraforming Mars

Mac Gerdts - #Concordia

Reiner Knizia - #Lost Cities

Michael Kiesling - #Azul

Vital Lacerda - #The Gallerist

Thomas Lehmann - #Res Arcana

Paulo Mori - #Rise of Augustus

Shem Phillips - #Paladins of the West Kingdom

Alexander Pfister - #Port Royal

Uwe Rosenberg - #Patchwork

Vladimír Suchý - #Underwater Cities

Reiner Stockhausen - #Orléans or #Altiplano..can't decide

Daniele Tascini - #Teotihuacan: City of Gods

Ignacy Trzewiczek - #Imperial Settlers


After all that, I can safely say I don't particularly care about designers haha. I was surprised I knew a couple of them off the top of my head.

1. Prices are what I paid for them. I usually buy things on sale, discounted or even used. I also mostly play games with my wife, someone who likes light to mid-weight games, and my daughter, who is almost six.

#Carcassonne - $25

#Sushi Go! - $7

#Ticket To Ride - $35

#Barenpark - $30

#Stone Age - $35

#Draftosaurus - $22

#Superfight - $20

#Welcome to... - $22

Deck of cards with the remaining $4

2. #Shadows Over Camelot - I've always wanted to play the game.

Solid list, but a slight warning on #Wingspan, it's a little meatier than a lot of non-gamers can handle, despite the theme.  A game like #Stone Age or #Lords of Waterdeep is easier to handle...

Nice! I wish I could try#Stone Age. Don't have any desire to own it but it would be fun to try once. 

Things have been a little on the light side recently, but still fun.

  1. #Amerigo - This is a relatively new game for us, that we've really enjoyed.  It's a solid game and the cube tower really is fun.
  2. #Viticulture: Essential Edition - We just got Visit from the Rhine Valley and wanted to see if it makes as much of a difference as advertised.  One play isn't much to go by, but I think I do prefer it to the base visitor cards.
  3. #Stone Age - We just recently started up game night again with a couple friends and are easing back in with some of the group's old favorites
  4. #Pandemic - Same as above
  5. #Downforce - We just got Danger Circuit and wanted to try out the new tracks.

I don't think it's just a coincidence that there's a correlation between my ranking of these games and their weight.  Hopefully I can get some heavier stuff to the table soon.

You should check out Board Game Arena if you haven't discovered it already! #Stone Age and #Carcassonne are both on there.

When I got into the hobby I tried really hard to have a strong base and play games that people had deemed as classics. In my opinion while a good game is a good game a lot of those games have been surpassed by a superior game that does the same things in a better way. I would actually use #Agricola as one of the few older games that really stands the test of time. I do think the way it has been streamlined in #Agricola (Revised Edition) makes it easier and eliminates what can be a real glut of sorting through expansion content but while I think it has many games that are similar I think it still stands up. 

I actually think this is one of the best uses of the BGG Top 100 because I think it's difficult for a game to maintain at a high level over time and it's also easy to see the games that have really dropped off. I personally think #7 Wonders holds up well, it isn't even close to my favorite drafting game, due to its player count. I feel similarly about games like #Power Grid and #Race for the Galaxy where there are games that do the same things I like better but they are still good games. I think #Pandemic is one of the best gateway games out there and I'm typically not a fan of co-ops. I think most Rosenburg and Feld games hold up, with some like #Le Havre being as good now as they were when they came out. #El Grande is another game to me that really stands up.

I think games like #Carcassonne #Caylus #Ticket To Ride and #Stone Age would be examples of games that have passed their prime and we now have better games to play that do the same things.