Burgle Bros. board game
Burgle Bros. board game


Burgle Bros is a cooperative boardgame where you assemble a crew, make a plan, and pull off the impossible heist! Gameplay is for 1 - 4 players and typically lasts for 45 - 90 minutes. To play, you must make your way past the alarms and guards, find the stash and get to the roof to escape. But be careful - if anyone on your crew gets caught, it's all over.

Game Contents< /br> - 124 Premium Square Cards, 48 Cardboard Tiles< /br> - 9 Character Meeples, 3 Guard Meeples< /br> - 9 Translucent Dice< /br> - 73 Tokens< /br> - 24 Wood Walls< /br> - Colored Instructions< /br>< /br> Product Reviews

"Finally, a heist movie that fits on your tabletop!" - Raph Koster

"Burgle Bros is an intense co-op game with great replay value. It's very thematic, easy to learn and moves quick. You'll love how the tension ramps up as the game progresses." - Reza Lackey

"Don't let the kiddie title fool you, Burgle Bros is an intensely strategic game filled with fun, highly thematic moments. Have you ever wanted to pull off a huge heist? This is the closest you'll get without breaking the law." - Peter Sciretta

"It's a light-ish co-op where you feel your world closing in, and like there's NO WAY you can get out unseen by the guards. Great tension, and I'm guessing great relief if you can get out in time. I wouldn't know, since the guards spotted us. But NEXT TIME...!" - Rich Sommer

"I enjoyed the game and it felt like my decisions mattered. I like the way the game makes you do real co-op, having to coordinate your actions nearly all of the time. You definitely can't just daydream during other player's turns." - Darron Shaffer

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