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PARKS is a celebration of the US National Parks featuring illustrious art from Fifty-Nine Parks.

In PARKS, players will take on the role of two hikers as they trek through different trails across four seasons of the year. While on the trail, these hikers will take actions and collect memories of the places your hikers visit. These memories are represented by various resource tokens like mountains and forests. Collecting these memories in sets will allow players to trade them in to visit a National Park at the end of each hike.

Each trail represents one season of the year, and each season, the trails will change and grow steadily longer. The trails, represented by tiles, get shuffled in between each season and laid out anew for the next round. Resources can be tough to come by especially when someone is at the place you’re trying to reach! Campfires allow you to share a space and time with other hikers. Canteens and Gear can also be used to improve your access to resources through the game. It’ll be tough to manage building up your engine versus spending resources on parks, but we bet you’re up to the challenge. Welcome to PARKS!

—description from the publisher

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  • Yes, the mechanics in PARKS are nothing you haven't seen before in many other games (indeed, in some ways it even feels like a deeper, steroid-driven Ticket to Ride). But unlike those other games, PARKS doesn't fail on any level, other than one: the end-game bonus cards can be pretty weak and not worth the effort to get them. Other than that, PARKS has pretty much taken those tried and true mechanics and pretty much perfected them!Then there's the absolutely gorgeous art and presentation. In that, PARKS kinda reminds me of Everdell: people will want to play the game simply for the art. And once they're into the game they will encounter a relatively easy rules-set with moderately deep play. A winner in every way!Now: when is the Canadian expansion coming out?
  • I would rate it a 5 if it weren't for art, quality and theme. I am a National Parks fanatic. I take multi-day backpacking trips through at least two parks per year so this game should be up my alley in every way. While I will speak magnitudes for the game's artwork, design, and components, the gameplay is just okay. Fun, but I probably won't get it to the table very often. A $20 game at best in terms of gameplay.
  • likely arriving July 2020Pre-order April 2020 Likely arriving May 2020$35.14 cardhaus
  • A lot of people are saying this game is like Tokaido and I agree. I do believe it offers more choices than Tokaido but they are similar in that you move your meeple along a linear track to collect “stuff”. Also, both games IMO are very pretty to look at—the art is gorgeous. However, if you have zero interest in real life parks or the outdoors then I don’t think you would care too much about the art. In essence, you walk along a trail and collect water, sunshine, trees or mountains. These are basically resources/currency you need to collect to “buy” a park. Well, you can’t buy a park in real life so I guess thematically it represents the trails you took to get to/visit a particular park. Okay...i get it I guess. These parks are worth points and at the end of the game you want to have the most points to win the game. Did I like it? Yes. Will I ask my buddy to play it again anytime soon? No, probably not. It is a game I think my mom would enjoy because she loves parks. However I think she might enjoy the art as much or more than the gameplay.
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Hi there, glad to join!

  1. A while ago through YouTube content (can't recall which one), but registered recently as I was looking for buying some games. Was checking your price comparison tool.
  2. Around a year.
  3. Top 3 at the moment: #The Search for Planet X, #PARKS and #Townsfolk Tussle.

Hmm, that is a fascinating concept.  Let's see...what if I took..mmm, say #Ecos: First Continent and we combine that with something like...oooh, oooh... #Wingspan!  Weaving them together well is the tough part, especially since the African birds expansions hasn't been released yet...I think the number of ECOS tiles revealed is the number of birds readily avaialable to choose from each round.  If you take the "gain food" action, you can forgo gaining one food to gain a symbol of your choice.  For the "lay eggs"action, you may forgo obtaining an egg to double the symbol net drawn from the tile bag.  For the "draw cards" action, you can forgo one drawn card to draw one additional tile from the tile bag.

That's as far as I got with that one but other fun game combos might be #Terraforming Mars & #Anachrony

#Heaven & Ale & #Troyes

#PARKS & #Wingspan (huge potential!)

#Tapestry & #Scythe

#Century: Spice Road & #Splendor


Welp, #Gloomhaven: Jaws of the Lion. You know who you are hahaha. 
Still can't believe it really only took me a day to take the plunge. I'm WEAK. To be fair, I was already looking at it for about a week before that though! And there was a sale I was able to take advantage of, so why not? 

I also bought #PARKS. It looks pretty....

Worker placement is pretty great, especially combined with other mechanics so I agree with you there. I like to play more midweight games than anything. Some of my favorites right now are #The Castles of Burgundy, #Wingspan, and #Terraforming Mars. I know none of those have worker placement lol so a few with that mechanism I'm into would be #Lorenzo il Magnifico and #PARKS.

That all being said, I have been interested in heavier stuff recently. I picked up #Food Chain Magnate and #The Gallerist not too long ago. They just don't to the table enough for me so solo options have been better for me in that regard.

It's a combination of a rondel and a tile laying game! 

On the left side you have players going around in circles getting tiles to expand on the town that you're building. They give various instant or long term benefits. On the rondel (the rectangular "track"), the player who's furthest behind always goes first. This is where the fun decision making of a rondel game comes--do you go for a super valuable tile you see way down the track and leave the other tiles for your opponents? or go for something that's close so that you can potentially take multiple turns? there's a tile that would be nice to have, but should you risk another player getting to it first? Another twist for Glen More though is that you don't want to take too many tiles because you get penalized if you're expanding your town too much without being able to manage it properly. Lastly, as you expand your town, you have workers on the tiles that you need to move around that will dictate where you can add additional tiles to and how you will trigger getting resources. Hope any of that makes sense lol

In terms of the rondel and the decision making of how far you want to go down the track, it's similar to games like #Great Western Trail, #PARKS, and #Tokaido

Welcome! Your wife sounds a lot like my fiancée. She'll appease me by playing heavier stuff but doesn't much enjoy it. She really likes #PARKS and #Wingspan. Haven't heard of #DinoGenics, what do you like most about it?

thanks for the warm welcome!  Happy to join the community here, looking forward to getting involved.


1.  I believe I found the site through BGG or boardgameprices (don't exactly recall)

2.  I've been in the hobby for 2.5 years.  My wife is my gaming partner and not into heavy games or abstracts.  We have rare opportunities to play with more than 2, so my collection has focused on mid-weight games that play well with 2.

3.  "Favorite" is almost impossible to define since its contextual and regularly changes.  I'd say the games I'm most excited about playing at the moment are:

-#Everdell with#Everdell: Spirecrest

-#PARKS with#PARKS: Nightfall Expansion

-#DinoGenics with#DinoGenics: Controlled Chaos