Imperius board game

Imperius is a game of intrigue and conflict for 2-4 players. Each round players will draft cards (including their enemies'): ambassadors, assassins, elders, nobles, and even powerful variable events. After drafting, players then deploy these cards to planets with the hopes of scoring and depriving their enemies of victory points. But be wary, as some of these cards will be deployed face down. Will a noble seize control of the planet or will an assassin be waiting for them in the shadows? Each round is a tense and epic struggle for control.

Play continues until one or more houses earn 20 victory points. The house with the most victory points then takes the Crown Imperius and rules over the Known Universe.

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  • In a way, tough to rate. The first play offered the tiniest glimmer of something compelling--of doublethink and calculated risk and deft maneuver. Past that glimmer, though, and all we had was noise. So I didn't like it, but would be willing to try again to see if experience starts to fulfill the promise of something more. It's incredibly quick, at least, but not so quick I'd be willing to keep playing it if it's as random as I fear. [EDIT] It's continuously getting better? Maybe your first game is just a wash.
  • I'm going to play this more before making a definitive judgement because some of the ideas here are really cool, but I have problems with it. I love the idea of drafting every faction's cards. The initiative resolution is a lot of fun. The unplayed cards going to the top of the deck fixes card distribution simply. The event card variety is really good. And at the same time there are pieces that just annoy me. The draft never switches directions so players downstream become your responsibility. The facedown card play just feels like artificial chaos. The factions are mildly asymmetric, but that just means that certain houses are better at having their cards go off than others. Selecting your elder is clearly supposed to help with that (to the point where the rulebook shows several) but the core box only comes with two per house. So yeah. Mixed feelings. We'll see how it goes.

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