Forbidden Desert board game
Forbidden Desert board game

Forbidden Desert

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Gear up for a thrilling adventure to recover a legendary flying machine buried deep in the ruins of an ancient desert city. You'll need to coordinate with your teammates and use every available resource if you hope to survive the scorching heat and relentless sandstorm. Find the flying machine and escape before you all become permanent artifacts of the Forbidden Desert! When we launched Forbidden Island in 2010, we had an inkling that we had created a hit game but never to the point that we'd be prompted to make a sequel. Well, here we are a few years later with just that in hand. Our challenge to designer Matt Leacock was to create a game that would contain familiar elements (cooperative play, modular board), while offering up a completely different in-game experience. In addition, we wanted it to be simultaneously approachable to new players while upping the ante for those who felt they had mastered Forbidden Island. All this resulted in a fresh new game with an innovative set of mechanics, such as an ever-shifting board, individual resource management, and unique method for locating the flying machine parts. Hopefully we've achieved our goals and quenched your thirst for adventure!

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  • The game that help establish the fact that i don't like Co-op games very much.Co-op games, to me, tend to feel like solitary games you play with other people and those people just listen to the one person feeding them suggestions.
  • Yes, there are similarities between this and Forbidden Island, but Forbidden Desert is nevertheless a fairly different game. Forbidden Island now feels to me like the unfinished prototype of Forbidden Desert! If you don't own either game, get Forbidden Desert. If you already own Forbidden Island and get Forbidden Desert, be warned: you'll probably trade away Forbidden Island! Although I do kinda miss the rapidly shrinking island aspect....Although it's not my favourite co-op (Space Alert), it's probably the best co-op I've played. What I mean by that is in most co-ops, each player is assigned his or her own duty, and they go off and do it. Not so in Forbidden Desert. In Desert, you MUST be working together very closely (and usually closely on the board) since each player is very much dependent on the others for survival. That in itself makes Forbidden Desert unique, and truly cooperative.A most beautiful game, and a considerably deeper game than Forbidden Island, while nevertheless remaining family-friendly.
  • A simple, cooperative game with an accessible, unobjectionable theme. Just plain fun, but the difficulty is easily ramped up, making this a challenge to survive as well.Beautifully made.
  • I’m absolutely infatuated with this game. I love the concept, the play mechanics, the components and the tension. While I’m not a huge fan of co-ops, this one is great because of the building intensity as the game nears the end and is a huge factor in changing my opinion on games where you work together. Can’t think of anything I don’t love about this.
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Hi again,

1. After some consideration I've come up with some good games that i would get if i were to start all over again (I have a dream):

#Star Realms (portable and fun, lots of expansions)

#Santorini (a much better than chess)

#Sushi Go Party! (Easy to pickup and good fun)

#Terraforming Mars (so good, the game that got me started)

#Burgle Bros. (I'm always game for a good co-op game) (Hopefully I'll get my kickstarter copy  #Burgle Bros 2: The Casino Capers)

#Forbidden Desert (what can i say, I really like co-op)

#Love Letter or#Infinity Gauntlet: A Love Letter Game (a Pint and love letter at the pub)

#Clank! In! Space! (Deck-building fun)

#The Taverns of Tiefenthal (was considering#The Quacks of Quedlinburg but i enjoy this even more )

#The 7th Continent (mystery and survival at its best) (Looking forward to#The 7th Citadel)

#Imhotep (simple, complex, fun and frustrating at the same time)

#Tiny Epic Galaxies,#Tiny Epic Zombies, #Tiny Epic Mechs,#Tiny Epic Quest, #Tiny Epic Defenders (Second Edition),#Tiny Epic Tactics,#Tiny Epic Kingdoms,#Tiny Epic Pirates, #Tiny Epic Dinosaurs #Tiny Epic Western (so small and with surprisingly much content and depth) (they are so small that my wife wouldn't even think that may gaming collection/addiction would be a problem)

Well folks that's the games i would get for my $200 (they were all on super mega sale of the century of course otherwise I wouldn't be able to get em all 😂).

2. And as for that hard to get game: #Shadows Over Camelot (co-op, hidden identity)


There are quite a few cooperative games out there, but I think its probably tough to do that kind of balance well (I'm assuming, not a game designer myself).  Pandemic is deffinitely the quintessential example of this but there are #Forbidden Island, #Forbidden Desert, and #Forbidden Sky: Height of Danger by the same designer and use the same basic mechanic as Pandemic. I find those to be a little redundant of Pandemic but other co-op games that I enjoy are #Ghost Stories, #Mechs vs. Minions, #Spirit Island, #Hanabi#Commissioned and there's the RPG-lite #Mice and Mystics and of course there's always #Gloomhaven.  I'm planning on playing #Magic Maze at some point as well which I hear is fun.  Then there are the tons of semi-co-op games with like a traitor mechanic or some way of picking a winner out of the players like #Dead of Winter: A Crossroads Game, #Betrayal at House on the Hill, #Castle Panic, etc.  We like co-op games in our house =)

I don't know who you are playing with, nor do I know your tastes. So, don't take my recomendations too seriously. But, some that I have enjoyed, in addition to what you posted, include:


I am not a huge coop fan, but many people are, and if that includes you you could add #Pandemic / #Forbidden Island / #Forbidden Desert

Many people really enjoy #7 Wonders. I myself enjoyed the #Sushi Go Party! quite a bit more fore a drafting game. I here a more modern drafting game t hat beats both of those is #It's a Wonderful World.

I think #Dominion: Second Edition is a the closest thing you can get to a collection essential.

I like both #Forbidden Island and #Forbidden Desert

#Spirit Island is a superb superb coop. It is crunchy, and I don't know what level of comfortability your wife has with heavier games, but I think that most gamers could easily get ahold of it. I don't know what languages you speak, but if you don't speak German you will have some difficulty with a German copy of SI. SI does have a decently high level of language dependence.

You could also check out stuff like #Flash Point: Fire Rescue, #Atlantis Rising (second edition), or #Ghost Stories, which has recently been reimplemented as #Last Bastion.

That should give you some themes to pick from.

That should 


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