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I won my one play, but only because other players were pounding each other into the ground while I layed low. Part El Grande, part Magic: The Gathering. There's a nice area majority mechanic but I found the area actions to be pitiful compared to the character cards' actions. I don't think I used one until the last turn of the game, and then it was one of the Slum regions. There might be a little too much going on here than is necessary. But, then again, I did enjoy the game. Potential here for some slow play, as players must decide which cards to hold at the beginning of the game. Then, again at the half-way point, go through a 7-Wonders-style card drafting in hopes of getting characters that will synergize well with the characters they already have. I think the event cards need to be more consistent wrt penalty for the scapegoat. It would make the exposure battle more interesting. As it stands, one player could wind up being the scapegoat for a couple of turns and be lucky enough to not have any events harm him, while everyone else who was scapegoat gets punished each time.