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Machi Koro is a fast-paced, dice-rolling city builder. in the game, players compete to be the first person to build up their simple village into a sprawling metropolis. Originally designed and released in Japan, Machi Koro has developed a dedicated fan-base around the world. Excited fans have been eagerly anticipating an English translation, and the game has already garnered a "seal of excellence" from The Dice Tower among many other accolades.

Armed only with your trusty die and a dream, you must grow Machi Koro into the largest city in the region. You will need to collect income from developments and build public works, and steal from your neighbors coffers. Just make sure they aren't doing the same to you! Machi Koro is a fast-paced light-hearted game for you and up to 3 friends. They say you can't build Rome in a day, but Machi Koro will can be built in under 30 minutes!

Nominated for the 2015 Spiel des Jahres award.

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  • Replaced by Valeria card kingdoms or dice forge
  • Charming style, but there are much better games out there. Every time we played it we would always end up talking about how this game could be really good, if only they changed most things about it.
  • --Jun2014-- It's quite cute; but I'm not convinced I'd want to play often. Well - except with the right people. This is one that my Mom might enjoy (and Dad would have enjoyed.)
  • First, the negatives: a dumbed-down version of Settlers of Catan. Strategic thought is necessary, yes; but the strategies are pretty obvious (and by-the-by, playing with either one die or two can be game-winning: it all depends on the cards you've got). It's an engine-building game; but it is so stinkin' short that game-end leaves one feeling like, "Wow...I was just getting started, and now it's over." There is a definitely a runaway leader problem.But in spite of all that, it's fun! Machi Koro is the perfect game to play with non-gamers. And, in spite of my complaint about its brevity, being such a short game is a plus, because you can then play something better!
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Always have wanted to try #Machi Koro but because I owned Space Base, I could never bring myself to it lol

"It's basically better#Machi Koro" hahaha

I've always wanted to play #Machi Koro but having owned #Space Base I don't see the point. Are they even remotely different enough?

I don't know why it is but I suck at Space Base.  Yet I can play #Machi Koro, and its basically the same thing. 

It ruffled my feathers just reading about that combo system lol. The fun is in building up to a monster turn that makes everyone at the table go, "damn... nice". it doesn't work as well in slow motion!

The biggest disappointment for me was probably #Machi Koro. I was so ready to have a cute engine builder in my collection with dice rolling (my fav thing to do in life). If the games played out in 20-30 minutes it would have been perfect, but they just dragged on and on. Other people's rolls impact your income, but I just reached a point where I couldn't be bothered to keep up with what was going on, and wanted the game to end. We tweaked the rules to play the "turbo" variant a fan created, but it didn't help much.

It also has some take that elements which I didn't mind, but in one of our playthroughs it reached a point where one player was just getting robbed constantly and started to get upset that he couldn't get his engine going. I was quite glad to see the back of this game, and I flipped it after about 5 plays or so.    

I remember always enjoying #Risk when I was in high school even though I do not recall ever winning a game.  I think I've only won #Forbidden Sky: Height of Danger once, and have yet to win a game of #Pandemic.  I ususally don't win at #Machi Koro either.

We've been playing a lot of #Megaland here lately. I picked up on clearance at Target for like seven bucks! :)

My youngest has really taken to it - he's also a big #Machi Koro fan. I would love to see an expansion with some new buildings and monsters!

#Megaland - I sold Machi Koro (Becky and I didn't like it but the kids did) and essentially replaced it with this game.  I played it once before at a game group and Target had a buy 2 get 1 free deal going.  We played as a family this weekend and everyone loved it and it plays much better than either #Machi Koro or #Diamant of which Megaland seems to be a combination of sorts.  I can see us playing this a lot more in the near future.

#Gloomhaven but not the board game the online Steam version.  I started a 4-character play on the "insane" difficulty level and have to say it is quite the challenge!  I've lost two times on the same scenario but looking forward to running through it again.  I am playing a 2 character campaign with another buddy online as well and we have a blast doing that many mornings at 4:30am.

#Maracaibo - I tought Becky how to play this weekend and she seemed to enjoy it.  I can tell she is more comfortable with a higher complexity game.  I had been looking forward to getting this to the table again and was thrilled to play.

My wife bought #Machi Koro real cheap though would never bought it.


  • easy setup
  • easy rules
  • my kids know the rules 
  • the harbor expansion makes it a bit more interesting, because of the variable cards you can buy from the market


  • pretty random
  • Some cards feel less useful, it all depends on what you can buy in the 6-9 range as a 2D6 decides what buildings get activated
  • Some building cards from your city are OP

I watched all kinds of videos for #Raiders of the North Sea and #Architects of the West Kingdom tyring to decide between the two. Ended up getting both :)

Some other match-ups I've known people to compare are:

I think I only experienced it with #Machi Koro and #Machi Koro Fussball ("football").
It only has a minimal rule change so it's basically a reskin.
Even though we know it, we don't bother and play what we are feeling like at that particular time.
I guess it's a clear case of "same game". :D



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