Glitch Squad

2023 · 4-8 Players · 10-15 Minutes
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Glitch Squad board game
Glitch Squad board game

The forensic scientists of the Glitch Squad have each been assigned a crime scene to analyze. Unfortunately, the office cat—Glitch—has accidentally changed the password to all of the evidence lockers.

Each round, you write 3 clues to help one of your teammates guess a piece of evidence related to the crime: location, weapon, occupation, or hobby. Unfortunately, Glitch the cat messes up these clues. Acting as the meddlesome cat, your opponent gets to erase one of the clues, and write in a "Glitched" clue to stump your ally.

Can you guess the evidence from the clues, knowing one of them is glitched? If so, you reveal the next letter in the password to your evidence locker! If not, the opponent who glitched your clues gets the next letter in their password. The first team to guess all of their passwords wins!

Created in collaboration between LabX at the National Academy of Sciences, Tiltfactor, and Resonym. Game concept by Rick Thomas.

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Year Published2023
Number of Players 4-8
Playtime 10-15 Minutes
Minimum Age 13
Mechanics Communication Limits
Categories Kickstarter
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Strategy Complexity N/A[Vote]
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