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Simple rules quick rounds and rather subtle tactics: Pylos is one of the strangest yet most beautiful abstract games on the market today and winner of several Game of the Year awards around the world. The object is to save your marbles so that you can be the one to place a marble at the very top of the pyramid. Pylos is irresistibly attractive as both a game and a decorative object.

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  • I like the strategic decisions that players are challenged to make in this game. The game has a very difficult strategy to master, and I enjoy trying to figure it out. The natural tendency of most players is to continue fighting for the high ground, but this can often be a less sensible move when a player would be better served trying to form squares. It's a beautiful game to look at as well and would be my game of choice if I had one on display.
  • Not much to it, maybe not the deepest game, but simple and engaging
  • I usually have no interest in abstract games. Got this as a gift, and its a blast! Also doesn't hurt that it looks nice just sitting out, and gets people to play it.

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Thanks for the detailed response! I agree with you about Chess..I used to play all the time. Was even in an after school Chess program back in elementary school and would always get crushed by the same kids who just had a much better understanding of how the game worked. I probably could have used a handicap haha.

Santorini and Hive were among the few I have heard of, and SET which I own and find to be a lovely game. We've actually discussed quite a few times on this forum and I've heard conversations through podcasts I follow as well about theme and how sometimes it simply doesn't matter. To me if a game is mechanically sound and enjoyable, I rarely feel like I'm "in" the game's fictional world anyway. Some of my favorite games have no discernible theme. They could literally be anything and I would still both not care and love them lol.

If Mandala had too much theme for you, perhaps a better example would be#Quarto or#Pylos. I've played these with my niece in the not too distant past and have enjoyed them for the sake of the game!


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