Hadara board game
Hadara board game


Hadara carries you off into the world of cultures and countries of this earth. Over three epochs, you will experience the transformation of your new world from a small settlement to a high culture. You want to populate this world with people who come from different cultures and continents as well as different ages. To bring glory and honor to your world, you should choose the persons and accomplishments skillfully. But you should not ignore agriculture, culture, and military power, otherwise one of your competitors might get bigger and more successful than you. Who will succeed first in creating a new flourishing high culture?

—description from the publisher


Hadara entführt dich in die Welt der Kulturen und Länder dieser Erde.

Über 3 Epochen hinweg erlebst du die Verwandlung deiner neuen Welt von einer kleinen Siedlung zu einer Hochkultur.
Du willst diese Welt mit Personen besiedeln, die dabei aus verschiedenen Kulturkreisen, Kontinenten aber auch Zeitaltern stammen.
Um deiner Welt zu viel Ruhm und Ehre zu verhelfen, solltest du die Personen und Errungenschaften geschickt aussuchen. Dabei solltest du aber die Landwirtschaft, die Kultur und die militärische Macht nicht außer Acht lassen, sonst kann es passieren, dass einer deiner Mitkonkurrenten größer und erfolgreicher wird. Wem gelingt es zuerst, eine neue blühende Hochkultur zu erschaffen?
—description from the publisher (German)

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  • Ooof this is good and much better than I expected. The way you draft is very simple, but highly engaging. I like choosing between 2 cards vs a handful like in most drafting games. Also the 2 drafting phases work incredibly well. This will likely jump into my top 10 with more plays. I love it. Works well with high player counts and also at 2. Very little to dislike so far, this is coming from someone who does not like drafting games that much.
  • Very little interactions between players. 7 Wonders is much better than this one. But still Hadara is still good gateway game for beginners.
  • Interesting CIV game, a bit like 7 Wonders and was well received, so interested to try this one. Rating based on play through and 1st, which was quite entertaining.
  • Immediately fun and engaging. I'd play this again. Perhaps there's a bit of "illusion of choice" going on, but that might be ok.
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Definitely heard of #Sagrada through recommendations, and I have a personal interest in #Mariposas... But the first time I've ever seen #Hadara is from your post haha. I've seen a few mentions of #Cryptid here and there.

It's awesome your secret santa got you something that you've been wanting for a while! Looks like you'll be plenty occupied for a while (:

Thanks! I'm most excited to try#Hadara I think. It's been on my wishlist for quite awhile. Outside of that,#Sagrada, and#Mariposas, I hadn't heard of the others so I just looked them all up :)

Based on my limited research, I also want to try#Cryptid with my parents when we go over for Thanksgiving

#Hadara has been on my wishlist for quite a long time. Can never seem to find it in stock anywhere. Looks like a solid day of gaming too!

This week:

  • #Cartographers: A Roll Player Tale (solo, physical): I'm not a big solo player but this is becoming a favourite of mine to toss on the table when I feel like a bit of gaming.  It's quick, creative, and you end up with a cool little map at the end.  Some of my favourite things!
  • #Hadara (yucata, multiplayer): First game on yucata ever and first full game of hadara.  Decent platform and fun little game!  Best description I heard: "It's like 7 wonders and splendor had a baby."  Yup, that is about right.
  • #First Class (yucata, multiplayer): First game of this ever.  Fun little game!  It reminded me of a variety of other games at various levels but I'd play it again as the package is good.
  • #Alchemists (tabletop simulator, multiiplayer): First multiplayer game on tabletop simulator in quite a while.  The game took us longer to play that I expected (we had a bit of an issue with the scripting which took a while to fix.  Don't rewind an action as it will give you a new game code and REALLY bugger up your game if you don't catch it quick enough)  I love the deduction aspects of the game.  The work placement part is ok, not amazing, not bad.  I think judgement on how much I like it will require another game for sure.

Played #Scythe once and I played #Fuse twice and FINALLY beat Elite difficulty. For our first game night since the quarantine (yay!) we played #The Taverns of Tiefenthal which was a lot of fun! Interesting deckbuilding to say the least. Then we played #Hadara which, felt a lot like #7 Wonders but I found to be more enjoyable (I still like 7 Wonders though). Then last night we (me, my wife, and her brother) played two games of #Clank! with the The Mummy's Curse expansion. Dang, what a fantastic game Clank! is! 


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