Viticulture: Essential Edition board game
Viticulture: Essential Edition board game

Viticulture: Essential Edition

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Viticulture is a worker-placement game set in the foothills of Tuscany. The Essential Edition includes the second edition of Viticulture along with several elements from the original Tuscany expansion pack, hand-picked by famed designer Uwe Rosenberg.

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  • I really wanted to like this game, and I would be willing to give it another go, but I am quite convinced I lost this game due to drawing useless cards, while other players drew cards that were really synergistic for them. Made me feel like everything else I had done in the game was pointless.
  • inkl. Erweiterung Besuch aus dem Rheingau und Tuscany
  • Fantastically tight worker placement game with beautiful components. Tuscany is a must have to extend the seasons with actions from summer and winter to Spring/Summer/Winter/Autumn.
  • Amazing immersion of the theme, specially with the Tuscany expansion ("fixing" things like when you actually plant and harvest grapes, etc.). Smart twist on the worker placer mechanic by allowing one special "big worker" per turn that can always execute any action. Clever way to choose next player by selecting desired bonus (and the only way to start first is by choosing to be last earlier). Beautiful on the table! Only drawback is how easy it is to accidentally mess the player board (spreading out the grapes/wines), and how difficult it is to figure out the best combination when fulfilling an order (also easy to mess the player board at that moment).
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Always enjoyed board games, playing a lot of the classics growing up. Then proceeded to the occasional Catan games with friends. Then a few years ago I believe I came across TableTop on Youtube with Wheaton and the #Tokaido gameplay made me realize there was much more out there. Loved Tokaido and eventually found it on BGArena while discovering some other games in the process like #Takenoko. Finally decided to get some of our own over the past years like #Codenames , #Risk: Game of Thrones and #Sushi Go!

Wasn't until our purchase of #Disney Villainous a couple years ago that we thought we could eventually have a small collection one day. While we did make a few additions over time and loved playing, it wasn't something we looked into much. Fast forward to 2020. Being someone who plays and follows a lot of sports, obviously many things were paused due to the pandemic. While unfortunate, this gave me time to look into other things, like board games!

I went back and continued to learn new games to me on BGArena like #7 Wonders , #Lost Cities , #Puerto Rico among many others. Being someone who loves to plan and research, found myself learning a ton in such a short time as I continued the deep dive into my newest hobby. Learned about content creators, got TableTop Sim to try out stuff, and of course added to the wishlist and the collection. 

These days our collection is taking shape slowly but surely (budget and room). I'm usually the teacher now so I do like to cater it to games I enjoy that I know my GF and friends will also like. Don't see myself having hundreds of games or anything, but plan is to start adding some variety in weight as well with games like #Architects of the West Kingdom , #Viticulture: Essential Edition and #Spirit Island high on the wishlist. Weight doesn't matter though as I will enjoy and have fun with any and all games as long as our group is having fun. I find myself learning more about the industry now to maybe take part in things like rule book writing when I can. The board game hobby and its community has been a joy to discover throughout the year and has def been the bright spot of 2020. 

PS. Still plan on owning Tokaido someday :)

That happened to me when I played a game solo for the very first time--#Viticulture: Essential Edition. Weird, because it's not that type of game, but the AI kept on blocking exactly the right action spaces I needed every. single. time. during the crucial moments for me to catch up. And after losing three times in a row, I called it quits after playing until like 2am (mentioned this story before in a post long time ago haha). My face was flushed from getting all worked up but I had fun lol

Edit: I can see what you mean about Hollow Knight. I still really liked it but wish the story was a little more clear or upfront. I'll probably still try out the sequel when it comes out. I'm also considering buying Rivals of Aether to play with Trent haha 

I don't think my brain works that way.  I fall asleep when I'm pondering how to defeat a game or design a game tends to put me to sleep rather than keep me away.  I played about 8 games of solo #Viticulture: Essential Edition over the past three to four games and sadly was only able to get within 3 points on my best game.  It didn't keep me up at night but I have not yet unraveled the puzzle of winning within 7 seasons. 

I do love to read heavy rule books and drift into unconscienceness pondering the minutia of turn by turn play.   If I one day find myself in possession of #Brass: Birmingham or #The Gallerist I will likely spend hours perusing the rules working out various turn caveates in my head.

This coming Monday I have a PTO day in which I will spend the whole day playing boardgames with a recovering friend and will walk through a few rule books on games I am rusty on that we plan to play that day #Root, #Tapestry, #Anachrony, #Heaven & Ale, and if #Viscounts of the West Kingdom or #PARKS: Nightfall Expansion come in I'll be updating myself on those.

If it is any consolation I am playing #Viticulture: Essential Edition solo and after three games yesterday I still haven't won a game.  It is like a puzzle I can't figure out thus far.  With the automa starting on 25 and having 11 stars worth of end game points to start the game I am finding it near impossible to find 25 points in 7 rounds.  I'll try another couple of rounds today and see what happens.  Definitely open to any hints and secrets on Viticulture solo

We were camping in our RV in at Crystal Springs in AR with my brother and his family.  There we played:

#In the Year of the Dragon which I think I may have played once before as it seemed familiar.  This is an action and resource management game with events occuring at the end of each round you can plan for.  Good and bad consequences impact your player area depending on your ability to plan accordingly.  Lots of player interaction required to game plan well with turn order being a significant factor.

#The Crew: The Quest for Planet Nine was brought by my brother who haden't had the chance to play it and neither had I.  We played through the first 5-6 missions learning the game as we went.  I wasn't sure how I would like this game but after playing through a few scenarios I am excited to play this one again and love the complexity involved for a fairly simply designed game.  

#Viticulture: Essential Edition was our final game.  Becky bailed on us so we played three players which I don;t think I have played before at that player count.  I lost by two but love this game and look forward to playing again (I hve it set up for solo at my house now).  

So if folks on this forum were to make an argument as to which podcast I should seriously consider listening to on my five-hour drive, which one(s) would you argue for and why?  

If it's any help or swings a vote...I am hoping to play #Viticulture: Essential Edition , #Maracaibo , #Wingspan ,  and #Clans of Caledonia with my brother while we are camping over the weekend.  

#Viticulture: Essential Edition is what I was thinking too. I think the colors involved in that game also feel very fallish. It happens to be one of my favorite games as well!

#Dominion: Cornucopia? xD

This actually seems hard haha but I think #Viticulture: Essential Edition's the best one out of the ones in my collection. I played #Catan with my in-laws during last year's Thanksgiving and we had fun :)