Ronin of the Reach

2000 · 2-6 Players · 5-10 Minutes
Ronin of the Reach board game
Ronin of the Reach board game

Ronin of the Reach is a fast-paced card game for 2-6 space pilots with 10 minutes to spare.

In Ronin of the Reach your dexterity is as important as your tactical skills.
Maneuver by carefully flicking your ship card across the battle field.
Avoid hazards such as asteroids, space mines or the debris of an unlucky player´s ship.
Choose one of your six hand cards and place it face down next to your craft.
Pick an offence or a defense action. For each weapon there is a matching counter measure.
But think ahead! You can play every action just once. Anticipate your enemy’s move or waste precious cards.
Every ship is equipped with a onetime secret ability. Played at the right moment, nasty surprises like advanced railguns, cloaking devices and military viruses can tip the tide of battle to your favor.
So, choose the moment carefully.
Expand your experience by adding capital ships to Ronin of the Reach. Team up with your wing man and destroy the other team’s flagship. Switch action cards with your team mate to adapt your tactics on the fly.
But don’t forget to place defenses on your own capital ship.

Ronin of the Reach is the perfect starter for your board game evening. Quick set up - fast to play and easy to learn.

—description from the publisher

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Year Published2000
Number of Players 2-6
Playtime 5-10 Minutes
Minimum Age 8
Mechanics Player Elimination
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